New FMTC Merchants 11-30-2020: Ampere, ChipMonk Baking, IPVanish, Nuuly &

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FMTC features monetized offers from more than 14,000 merchant affiliate programs. This week we added 17 new FMTC merchants, including Ampere, ChipMonk Baking, IPVanish, Nuuly & All of the new merchants, affiliate program signup links, as well as their associated networks, are listed below.

This Week’s Additions


FMTC-ID Merchant Network Category Join
45586 Ampere Impact (#11916) Electronics Signup
45578 ARC Smile Pepperjam (#9673) Health & Beauty Signup
45573 Bentley Trike ShareASale (#80669) Toys & Games Signup
45577 Bioskin ShareASale (#51664) Health & Beauty Signup
45580 ChipMonk Baking ShareASale (#102604) Food & Gourmet Signup
45581 City Beauty ShareASale (#83124) Beauty & Cosmetics Signup
45579 Gleem Pepperjam (#9672) Health & Beauty Signup
45574 IPVanish CJ Affiliate (#5450240) Software Signup
45585 CJ Affiliate (#5343646) Contacts & Glasses Signup
45582 L’ange Hair ShareASale (#100812) Beauty & Cosmetics Signup
45587 Mackage CA CJ Affiliate (#2806455) Apparel Signup
45584 Nuuly Rakuten Advertising (#44644) Apparel – Women Signup
45589 SelectOptimal ShareASale (#101513) Apparel Signup
45588 Soia & Kyo (CA) CJ Affiliate (#2806455) Apparel Signup
45576 Soolinen ShareASale (#101166) Apparel – Women Signup
45583 ShareASale (#99207) Photo & Personalized Gifts Signup
45575 Von-Routte ShareASale (#93813) Apparel Signup


For a complete list of all merchant programs, please see our public-facing Directory. Current FMTC users can add new stores easily via signup links or the Manage Merchants page (clicking the link will allow you to see all unselected merchants that are currently available to add to your account).

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