Network Updates in FMTC

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Network Updates

If you’ve logged into your FMTC account or perused the Merchant Hub lately, you may have noticed a few network updates. We’ve recently changed the network names and abbreviations to more accurately reflect network details.

Network Name Updates

1. CJ changed to:  CJ Affiliate by Conversant
2. Groupon changed to:  Groupon Partner Network
3. Impact Radius changed to:  Impact
4. Linkshare changed to:  Rakuten Marketing
5. One Network changed to:  Digital River
6. Performance Horizon changed to:  Partnerize

Network Abbreviation Updates

1. Digital River – From ON to DR
2. Impact – From IR to IMP
3. Partnerize – From PH to PZ
4. Rakuten Marketing – From LS to RM
5. ShopHer Media – MY to SHM

In addition, we have also updated the network logos on our site:

If you have any questions about these changes, please let us know!

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