Merchant and OPM FAQ

Below are many of the questions we hear from merchants and OPMs when we start working together. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, feel free to contact Larissa at [email protected]

#1 Question Merchants and OPMs ask us… Who Uses FMTC?

Here are a few of the roughly 100 innovative sites that subscribe to FMTC content feeds and tools, paying $500 – $2,000 per month to access up-to-date, verified deals:

How does partnering with FMTC help my affiliate program?
FMTC is used by many of the industry’s top performing, most established super affiliates. Partnering with FMTC makes it easier for these affiliates to add your program to their site and keep up with your current offers. When we join your affiliate program, we can gather all of your deals and coupons, and check each deal for validity and quality. This ensures a constant supply of deals to our clients (your affiliates) as monetized links with their affiliate ID and/or Skimlinks URL. Partnering with FMTC will allow you to have your program’s content added to our database and made available to our clients. We can provide you with a dashboard account that enables you to view the content and information we have collected about your program. You are also able to directly add content and promotions with a premium subscription.
As a merchant, how can I make sure all of our coupons and deals are included in FMTC?
In order for a merchant to be included in our feed, FMTC needs to be approved for your affiliate program. If your store is not listed here, please contact us and let us know you would like to be included. Once you partner with FMTC, we can create a manager account for you to monitor the offers we are listing for your program. If you are already an FMTC merchant and would like a manager account, let us know!
How are deals ranked? Can you prioritize our coupons over our competitors?
FMTC ranks coupons based on value and scope of use. By default, the more aggressive your offer is, the higher our system will rank it.
Is there a way merchants or OPMs can manage their coupons in your feed?
OPMs and affiliate managers can have an FMTC manager account that allows them to monitor the offers we are listing for their programs. We do not allow anyone to upload their own APIs or coupons directly, as we take pride in our standardization of labels, and accuracy of deal type and category assignments. If you notice we are missing an offer, please let us know immediately and one of our data engineers will remedy the situation.
Do you charge merchants to be listed with FMTC?
There is no fee for merchants to be included in our feed. You only need to approve FMTC for your affiliate program.
What networks do you support?
A current list of the networks FMTC supports can be found on our Networks page.
What kind of merchants do you support?
FMTC mostly focuses on B2C retail sites, however we also provide data for many B2B merchants. You can browse the stores we support here.
How often do you add new merchants?
We are constantly adding new merchants to our feed. Hundreds of new programs are added every month. We are also happy to add merchants that our clients request whenever possible.
What can sub-account users see?
Sub-account users are able to view everything in your account. The only thing they do not have access to is billing. Account admins are able to assign program managers to each program they have listed, which is where sub-accounts can come in handy. Program managers can add details about their program and monitor the content we have using their sub-account.
What can I do with my free Merchant or OPM account?
The account allows you to view the content we have added for your program, let us know if anything needs to be changed, and manage basic program details (terms & restrictions). To add program(s), go the the Manage Programs tab and select them from the drop-down menu. If you click on the details arrow, you can add your program’s terms and restrictions. This will be seen by affiliates when they log into our system and look up your program. You can see the details we currently have for your program by going to the Links & Tools Tab, then clicking on Merchant Hub. From here, you can enter your program into the search box, then click on your program’s name once it appears in the search results. This will take you to your merchant info page. The other thing you can do is go Browse Deals under the Links & Tools tab. Here you can view the content we have pulled from the network for your program. You are viewing the deals exactly how affiliates see them, so please let us know if anything needs to be changed/updated. You can do this by clicking on the details arrow for any particular deal, then select “Submit an issue”. To view tutorials for both basic and premium accounts, visit our YouTube Channel.
How do you pull deals from the networks?
We pull network APIs to gather the text links you have entered at the network. This allows us to keep deals as up to date as possible. If the merchant is on SAS, then their deals are automatically available via SAS’s API. If there is a change to a deal, (e.g. expiration dates, product prices, terms and conditions, etc.) be sure to update the information on the network. Our system detects changes made to labels or coupons, then our data entry team reviews the changes and makes the appropriate updates. We pull data from the API every 30 minutes or so and changes are made as we receive them.
How often do publishers update deals on their sites?
Each client pulls feeds at least once a day, but some do it every hour. It depends on how they are set up. If you have a dashboard account, you can log in to ensure that your program’s deals are processed and up to date in our system. If everything is accurate in our system, but the deals are not showing up on the client’s site, you can always reach out to them, or even let us know and we’ll assist you in contacting them.
Why don’t I see any sales from FMTC?
FMTC does not earn commission, because we do not generate sales. We simply aggregate deals, validate and standardize them, and then provide those deals to our clients. We strip our ID and replace them with our clients’ affiliate IDs, which is why you will not see any sales attributed to us. You may see clicks, but that is only from our data entry team testing the offers.
What if my program doesn’t have coupons or deals?
Though deals are one of the content types that our clients love, they are using our service to quickly and easily find and use all sorts of content, including simple text links to your site. Our service offers them a one-stop-shop to scan 9,000+ programs over 24 networks and data sources with one simple-to-use interface. Blogging clients like having access to general category links. Several bloggers use our service to do keyword searches to find content fitting to the blog posts they are writing. These bloggers will mention deals if they see them, but they are most interested in finding merchants to refer their readers to – so they are happy with text links they can attach to a description of what your site offers.
What is Skimlinks?
We’ve partnered with Skimlinks to help further automate the process of creating relationships between merchants and affiliates. Skimlinks has relationships with many of the networks and programs. They allow their affiliates to “piggy back” on their relationships, which enables affiliates to receive data and promote programs they have not joined. View more info here.
What countries does FMTC support?
US, CA, UK & AU.
What Does “Pending” Mean on My OPM Performance Report?
Pending is a status that appears when a deal has not been processed yet for a merchant. If you are a premium OPM and would like the deal processed ASAP, please let us know.