Merchants and OPMs


If you are managing or facilitating affiliate programs, we want to work with you.


Why Should We Work Together?


Content is the lifeblood of our service. We rely on relationships we’ve built with 24 networks and data sources and over 10,000 programs to supply us with fuel for our products.

When you work with FMTC, you’ll instantly be connected to the industry’s top performers. We strive to provide time-saving, practical solutions for serious affiliates. Our enterprise level datafeed clients are among the top earners in the industry, and our growing base of blogging clients are some of the most active, popular content producers in their niches.


How Do My Deals Get Added to FMTC?


Integration is completely free, and simply requires you to approve us for your program. Here’s how the process works:

  1. We’ve integrated with most of the affiliate networks. We tap into their APIs to bring the deals into our systems.
  2. We then join the affiliate programs within networks – like yours. With our affiliate account, we are able to pull in links and content from programs.
  3. Once that content comes into our system, our ID is stripped out so that our clients’ (your affiliates) IDs can be inserted.

This means the affiliates remain YOUR affiliates. We’re not sub-affiliating (except through Skimlinks if you’re already working with them).


Where Will My Deals Appear?


Our clients use the cleaned, verified deals from our datafeed to fill their deal sites, or the deal sections of their sites. Here are a few of the roughly 100 clients using our service to aggregate, clean and verify deal feeds from thousands of merchants and 24 networks and data sources:



Can I See My Deals in FMTC and Manage What Your Clients See?


Yes! We have subscriptions for Merchants and OPMs. With our Free Subscription (for both merchants and OPMs), you’ll be able to login to FMTC and view your deals and merchant/store profile just as our clients will see it. You can ensure we’ve got the right information and work with us to make corrections.

We also offer Premium Subscriptions that include more features, “Preferred” tags on listings, the ability to direct-add exclusive deals and more.


How Do I Get More Information and Get Started?


2UpdatedPicWe’d like to build a long-term relationship with you. Our Merchant and OPM Liaison, Larissa Feuerstein is a full-time professional dedicated to supporting you as you work with us and our clients. If you haven’t already, you can connect with Larissa at [email protected]

  • Merchant & OPM FAQs – You might also want to check out our Merchant & OPM FAQs for answers to the questions most merchants and OPMs ask us when we start working together.
  • Free and Premium Subscriptions – Review our subscription packages, including a free account level to get started!