How to Increase Your SEO With Custom Content From FMTC

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Stay tuned for an upcoming Custom Content webinar announcement to learn more!


FMTC custom content is a unique way to take advantage of network deals. Our trained team of custom content writers will formulate descriptions to match your SEO needs and style guide.

We have two levels available:

  • Level 1 includes rewritten labels only
  • Level 2 includes a field for a two to three sentence description.
    • This description highlights the merchant, any holidays, and the deal itself.


Who is custom content for?


Custom content is for publishers who want to set their deal or coupon site apart from the crowd. This product allows your unique voice and marketing style to be highlighted through your feed. Whether you have a niche market or just want to increase SEO rankings for your deal website, custom content allows publishers to better achieve their goals. 


Ideally this is for enterprise publishers who consistently provide 10,000+ affiliate deals or offers per month. 


How does Custom Content help publishers?


A custom description of your deal helps you stand out and increase SEO by avoiding duplicate content.  Key features of custom content allow you to:


  • …optimize titles and develop exclusive descriptions to suit your brand
  • …craft unique, SEO-optimized deal content to make sure you stand out
  • …collaborate with you to ensure a successful process
  • …free up crucial, internal resources


How to Get Started


If you have more questions or are ready to get started, let us know! We will set you up with an initial consultation with our custom content manager and our sales team to make sure it is a good fit for both parties.


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You’ll have the opportunity to send over a style guide defining your brand’s unique voice. An exclusive team will be trained to write based on the guidelines you provide. 

About Our Custom Content Team


Our custom content team consists of 14 data processors with extensive experience in writing deal descriptions. They are versed in custom content rewrites and rewrites for deal labels as well. Our team is also experienced in both revising and writing new “About” copy for merchants.

As you get on-boarded, our data processing manager, Amy Walsh, will schedule an in-person or Zoom meeting with new custom content clients. As a project manager, Amy will meet with you twice a month, provide a monthly presentation and a second call for questions and answers. 


Stay tuned – we will be announcing a Custom Content webinar which will have plenty of Q&A time soon!


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