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With fall practically here, we all know the busy season is kicking into gear. As you make your game plan for a successful Q4, I want to remind you of a valuable feature that comes with our premium account – Expedited Deal Processing. This feature ensures that your deals will be available in our feed ASAP, which means they will get on publishers’ sites faster.

How it Works

Our system is pulling in new links and updates to current links throughout the day, about every 30 minutes. As we pull in the link information, they go to our processing queues where our data engineers test deals and add data (like the type of deal and product). Testing the deals ensures we have the highest quality data.  This means customers will not have frustrating experiences with links or coupon codes that don’t work.

This process of quality assurance takes time when we’re pulling in thousands of deals each day for 12,000+ merchants. As you can imagine, processing times always increase during peak seasons like Q4. To keep the processing times low for our premium merchants, we have separate Premium Processing Queues. This sends any links for our premium merchants to a special queue that gets taken care of before all other deals.

We even guarantee that deals for premium merchants will be processed in under 1 hour (during regular business hours). This is an extremely valuable feature during Q4 and you can rest assured that publishers have access to your links right away. If you’d like to learn more about our guarantee and see the comparison of deal processing times for premium merchants vs. free merchants, check out this doc.

Upgrade Today and Relax More During Q4!

Ready to sign up? You can see all the premium features included in the upgraded account in our premium deck. It also includes pricing, which starts at just $50/month. If you have any quesitons feel free to email us anytime.

Cheers to a smooth and productive Q4!

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