FMTC Virtual 5K Unites Workers, Promotes Health and Gives Back

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Unlike most companies, FMTC has always been fully remote, with team members working from home and spread throughout the US and beyond. Making sure workers feel connected is important – especially during the pandemic. FMTC has always had technology and processes in place to facilitate a remote workforce. We also know that there are other elements that contribute to workers’ satisfaction and health – both emotional and physical.

That’s why Data Processing Team Lead Amy Walsh wanted to have an event that would bring FMTCers together, promote health and also give back to a good cause. The result was the FMTC Virtual 5K, which was held on the last weekend of September. 

The event encouraged FMTC team members to run or walk 5K, bring along family members and friends, and FTMC would donate $25 to Feed the Children for each group that participated. All participants also received a custom FMTC medal.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” ― Napoleon Hill, author, Think and Grow Rich

“I was very passionate about this 5K as it demonstrated much of what we can learn from the successful Napoleon Hill,” Walsh said. “The team came together, relieved some stress by getting outside and walking, running or biking. They shared pictures, stories, encouraged each other and if this wasn’t enough we were able to give back. I am so thankful for our companies heart and willingness to donate to Feed the Children in response to the team’s efforts.”

Giving Back

FMTC selected Feed the Children because the values of the charitable organization are definitely in line with ours. Feed the Children considers food and nutrition security a top priority and basic human right.

Without adequate food and nutrition, children are unable to reach their full development potential both physically and mentally. Nutrition deficiencies affect more than 2 billion people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. 

Even more children are currently facing a lack of access to food due to repercussions of COVID-19. These include loss of family income, higher unemployment rates, closures of schools and thus school lunch programs, restaurant closures, food supply chain issues and more.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought the importance of our work across America and internationally to light, and every component of how we operate has been affected,” Erik Cooke, head of government relations and government business development at Feed the Children said. “However, our mission has remained the same: to provide hope and resources to those without life’s essentials.”

Feed the Children has extensive efforts around food and education. It provides food to those in need as well as education on healthy eating to families. And Feed the Children works with local agencies to promote healthy eating habits and provide nutritious diet information. 

Feed the Children also provides disaster relief in the form of food, clean water, and hygiene items. It also helps with livelihoods by offering educational programs for families to get skills to better provide for their families, which in turn enables them to have more healthy food options.

This holistic and family-focused approach resonated with FMTC. And our team members made sure to make the FMTC Virtual 5K a family affair. Many enlisted their spouses, children and some cases, friends, extended family, parents and their dogs. Along with FMTC workers were kids in strollers, toddlers, teens, and folks up to 70 years old. 

We’re looking forward to holding more of these types of events in the future and we’re thinking about including our extended affiliate marketing family. We’ll let you know when the next one is taking place.

Promote Healthy Habits

At-home cooking and dining show no signs of reverting to pre-COVID-19 routines anytime soon, according to industry watchers. They also note that a weakened economy changes eating behavior. 

On a recent call with financial analysts, Conagra president and CEO Sean Connolly said, “We also know from prior recessions that an economic downturn typically leads to a permanent increase in at-home eating even when economic growth returns.”

That means consumers must be more educated on nutrition and healthy eating habits all while being savvy shoppers.

A recent  Nielsen’s COVID-19 Shopper Survey showed that going forward financial concerns will play a big part in shopper behavior. Asked what they will do more of if economic conditions worsen, 52% of respondents said “cook at home”. That followed by “find more deals” (48%), “shop at stores that offer lower prices” (46%), and “use more coupons” (43%).

This is all definitely food for thought as you look at healthy, nutrient dense eating for your own family,. But it’s also important information when helping those more at risk, or promoting your brand in verticals that focus on food, beverages, sports, fitness, or health and wellness.

FMTC wants to encourage our work family and beyond to stay healthy during these challenging times.

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