FMTC Recap of Black Friday Weekend

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FMTC Recap of Black Friday Weekend


Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all passed in a whirlwind. We hope your holiday weekend was as productive as ours! In honor of the busiest shopping season of the year, we’ve compiled some stats from our own deal processing team as well as around the industry.


Black Friday


On Black Friday 2018, FMTC processed 14% more deals than in 2017, with a 45% increase in new incoming deals.



Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday was the biggest increase of them all. We saw a huge increase of over 100% in both our deals processed and new deals, compared to 2017.



Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday Weekend


Through the entire weekend combined, from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, we saw a total of 13,432 deals processed (an increase of over 9% from 2017). Here’s the breakdown per day:



Around the Industry


Awin shared a comprehensive report full of information on Black Friday weekend spend. According to Awin, Black Friday had a 58% increase in sales, a 68% increase in publisher commissions, and a 58% increase in revenue generated from 2017.

The same report shows Cyber Monday showed a 55% increase in sales, 65% increase in publisher commissions and a 53% increase in revenue generated from 2017.

Cyber Monday might just be the new Black Friday for affiliate publishers!


9% Spending Increase from 2017


What about shopping in general, in stores and online? There was a 9% spend increase from 2017. Business Insider reports, “Shoppers spent an estimated $23 billion overall in stores and online during the 24-hour spending blitz, according to Mastercard. That’s up 9% from last year.”


Getting Ready for Christmas and 2019


We hope you’re as excited as we are about the growth in our deal processing and overall affiliate revenue generated this season. We look forward helping you begin the new year in 2019 with the strongest start yet.





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