Recap of FMTC Affiliate Data Processed in Q1 2020

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Recap of Data Processed in Q1 2020


FMTC’s hardworking affiliate data processing team is off to a very strong start for 2020. We’ve increased our incoming affiliate deals by over 20%, almost doubled the amount of new affiliate merchants added, and increased total affiliate deals processed by over 7%.


Check out the details and a YOY comparison of each quarter below: 


Total Incoming Affiliate Deals


Our total incoming affiliate deals increased from 111,324 to 134,434 — a 21% increase: 


New Affiliate Merchants Added


We almost doubled the number of new affiliate merchants added, going from 577 in Q1 of 2019 to 1124 in Q1 of 2020:



Average Daily Affiliate Deals Processed


Our average number of monetized affiliate deals processed daily increased by 6% from 1,735 to 1,841:


Average Daily Incoming Affiliate Deals


Our average daily incoming monetized affiliate deals increased by almost 20%, going from 1,238 to 1,478:


Total Incoming Affiliate Deals


Last but not least, our total incoming monetized affiliate deals increased by a sizable 21%!


Total Deals Processed


FMTC processed 7.3% more deals in Q1 of 2020 compared to 2019:




An Increase in Value to FMTC Subscribers


Our data processors have certainly been keeping busy with cleaning, testing and normalizing all of these affiliate deals! Each year, we increase the amount of affiliate data processed. This provides regular increase in value to our subscribers. We also now provide custom content, consolidated reporting, and much more.


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