Pricing Policy

In a nutshell, our pricing policy is simply: One standard fee for everyone, always.

Each of our subscription levels is configured with a specific set of features, content and functionality. Each subscription is also configured with a specific, standard price. That price is the same for every client for the life of the product.

We completely understand that this may make our services unattainable for budding entrepreneurs, bootstrapped startups and the like. Even so, it’s a policy that we intend to stick to.


We’re Looking for Long Term, Stable Relationships – Not only is the fee standard when you’re getting started (and likely investing more than you’re making in your new business), the fee remains the same when your business takes off (and you’re raking in the millions!).

Trust Us, We’re Already Cutting You a Deal – Our Data Specialists spend over 1,000 hours a month verifying, testing and categorizing deals – that’s with the help of the proprietary scripts supported by our inhouse Engineering Team. Our most expensive package is $2995/month. Even with the cheapest offshore staff, you won’t be able to do this on your own for any less than 10 times that. If this is the business you want to get into, those are real costs you need to consider.

Custom Pricing Requires Custom Coding – Though it may seem like an easy solution to just cut out the features you don’t want, or the fields of data that you’re not interested in right now – customizing account access levels requires custom coding each time changes are made to accommodate what a client wants or doesn’t want. Custom work like that costs more, not less.

Industry Fairness Is Important to Us – We truly believe in creating a level playing field in the affiliate marketing space. Our pricing policy supports this belief. The price is the same regardless of who you are. We don’t give big brand names a discount just to get their business, and we don’t give startups a discount for an unfair advantage in their “David and Goliath” plans. We choose not to be in that position – that’s what the investment community is for.

Our commitment is to aggregating and delivering high quality content and supporting it with attentive client relationship management. We’re looking forward to having you as a client and becoming an indispensable part of your long-term business.