FMTC has a variety of subscriptions designed to suit any affiliate coupon, deal, or loyalty site.

US/Canada Subscriptions

These subscription levels include all 8,955 merchants/stores in the US and Canada. The Premium subscription currently includes 132,535 deals, while the Coupon Mini subscription has 19,275 and the Local subscription has 37,431.

  • __________

  • This subscription is perfect for startups and other publishers getting started with affiliate monetized deals. It includes all deals with coupon code (ie, "Enter SAVE15 at checkout") as well as free shipping offers.

  • __________

  • This subscription is a great choice for publishers who geo-target visitors or app users and want to present deals that can be used in specific cities, destinations and other locations. It includes all local deals, those with addresses, latitude, and longitude

  • __________

  • This is our all-inclusive subscription with all deals from the Coupon Mini and Local feeds, along with over 20 more deal types (BOGO, grocery coupons, etc), sub-categories, expanded merchant data, logos and screenshots.

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