We’ve partnered with Skimlinks to provide you with more monetization options. Skimlinks will give you the ability to earn commissions from thousands of programs you haven’t yet joined or been approved for.

This is a great option for anyone just getting started – apply and get approved once for instant access to thousands of programs.

How It Works


First, you will need to create an account at Skimlinks. Once you are approved, provide FMTC with your Skimlinks Publisher ID and your FMTC feed will include a field that contains a Skimlinks URL for every merchant you select and every deal we provide.

Skimlinks supports thousands of programs. To verify if a program is supported by Skimlinks, log in to your Skimlinks account and go to the Merchant page. If a merchant is not supported by Skimlinks, you will not receive commissions for sales, but the links will still load properly to the merchant/offer.

Current clients can enable Skimlinks on the Skimlinks page in their admin panel.



Skimlinks Autopilot


FMTC clients can use a blend of affiliate links and Skimlinks URLs in their FMTC feed for optimal monetization. If Merchant Sync determines you are not approved for a merchant you have selected, a Skimlinks URL will automatically be populated in the affiliate link field, so no extra programming or monitoring of relationships is required for you to use the proper monetized link on your site.

FMTC clients can enable Skimlinks Autopilot on the Skimlinks page in their admin panel.