WordPress Coupon Theme Integration

wordpress-ready-badgeCreate an automated affiliate coupon or deal site in a matter of minutes with WordPress Coupon Theme integration with FMTC.

We’re an affiliate marketing tool. If this post isn’t using affiliate links, we’ve failed. That being said, even if we make money by using affiliate links, these relationships do not affect what is written.

We’ve created a plugin that works with the Clipper theme by AppThemes.  The theme provides you with the visual framework to display your deals while our plugin connects you to our growing database of stores and offers.

The result is a site filled with well-organized deals, complete with your affiliate ID encoded links.

Clipper + FMTC = Your Automated Deal Site

Here’s a preview of deals in Clipper:



FMTC Features

  • All offers are pulled in and categorized so that you and your visitors can easily find deals.
  • Use specific categories to link to in your marketing efforts, blog posts and social media:
  • Visitors can find the coupon or deal they are looking for, complete with all of the information they need, such as the coupon code, expiration date, offer details, and any comments your other shoppers have left about the offer.
  • Each link to the merchant/store site is encoded with your affiliate link. You earn commissions when your referred visitors complete a sale.

Simple Setup

Historically, our clients have developed custom sites that require programmers, database engineers and designers to build and maintain. Now, by leveraging the WordPress platform, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the technology requirements for publishers.

Setting up your WordPress-powered site is simple:

  • Install WordPress
  • Add the Clipper theme by AppThemes
  • Choose your FMTC subscription level, enter your affiliate IDs and choose the stores you wish to promote
  • Install the FMTC plugin – and enter the simple settings (we can do this step for you!)

Easy Integration, Powerful Features & Quality Data

In addition to our simple integration process, you’ll also have access to our high quality data and user-friendly features.

  • Your Affiliate Links – Simply enter your affiliate IDs for the networks and programs you belong to. We’ll customize each link so that you earn a commission each time someone buys when using your deal site.
  • Manage Merchants – Find the stores you’d like to promote and add them to your site with the click of a button.
  • Merchant Sync – With the Premium subscription, our Merchant Sync feature will automatically include deals from the stores you’re approved to promote. This is helpful as you apply for programs – you don’t have to login and add stores you’ve  been approved for – we’ll do it for you!
  • Skimlinks Monetization – Just getting started and haven’t been approved for many programs yet? With a Skimlinks ID, you can promote stores that you have not joined yet and still earn commissions.
  • Skimlinks Auto-Pilot works in conjunction with Merchant Sync to deliver the proper URL based on your affiliation status – an affiliate link if you are approved for a program and a Skimlinks URL if you are not. No extra programming or relationship management is required to use both types of links on your site! This feature is available to Premium Subscribers.
  • Knowledgeable Support – We’ve been providing our service since 2007 and many of our staff members have been in the affiliate marketing space since the 90’s. We’ll use our knowledge, experience and relationships to support you as you set up your site and build your business.

Robust Hosting

Even though we’ve simplified the setup process with the help of WordPress, hosting a coupon/deal site with thousands of offers has special requirements.

The typical $10/month shared hosting plans that bloggers use are not robust enough to handle the automated processes of loading the coupon feed, updating it each day and handling the traffic you want in order to support your business. FMTC has partnered with Liquid Web to host WordPress coupon sites powered by the FMTC feed.

Liquid WebLiquid Web has multiple managed WordPress hosting options:

  • Personal ($89 / month) is ideal for a Coupon Mini WordPress site
  • Professional ($149 / month) or Agency ($229 / month) for Premium Feed WordPress sites

Any clients using Liquid Web for hosting will receive free set-up and support for their FMTC-powered WordPress coupon site. You are free to accept our hosting recommendation or refuse it and go with the host of your choice. If you host somewhere other than Liquid Web, you’ll still receive free set-up and support but we may inform you that your hosting selection is sub-par and require a change.

Get Started

Click here to signup for your free trial account. You’ll have 14 to 30 days to give it a try. The trial includes up to 50 merchants, so that you can complete a real test before subscribing.

Custom Solutions

While using a content platform like WordPress with a template theme significantly reduces technical requirements, it does lead to a less “custom” experience. If you’re looking for something that can be tailored to fit your unique business plan, you may want to consider using our traditional datafeed with your own team of programmers and database engineers.