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General Questions

How do I determine which subscription is best for me?
Our Coupon Mini Feed is geared toward sites that are just starting out and don't require a lot of data and metadata. It only includes offers with coupon codes and free shipping discounts for stores based in the US and Canada. Our Premium Feed is best for serious content driven sites or coupon, deal, and loyalty sites that require more content and metadata. Our Premium Feed includes all of the coupons and deals in our database for stores based in the US and Canada, including printable grocery coupons and local offers. Additionally, Premium Feed subscribers get free access to our UK Feed and Australian Feed by request. Our UK Feed and Australian Feed contain Premium level content and data, but only for stores based in the UK and Australia. All subscribers will have access to our Deal Bank. FMTC's Deal Bank is a searchable directory containing all of the coupons, deals, and offers from all of the merchants we currently support. We provide you with the offer details, coupon code (if required), start and end dates, and an affiliate link and a Skimlinks URL - you choose which to use based on your relationship with the merchant. Finding coupons and deals to promote on your site is easy - search by deal type (isuch as free shipping, BOGO or coupon), category (such as women's apparel, health/beauty or toys/games), and/or holiday (such as Valentine's Day, Black Friday or Christmas). You can also view all the new deals we added today, yesterday, this week, etc. If you are looking for a turn-key solution, check out our WordPress integration with Clipper. All of our subscriptions (excluding local) can be used with the Clipper option.
How many people work for FMTC?
FMTC currently consists of over 20 members including engineers, managers, client services reps, merchant services reps, and data engineers. Meet our team here!
How long has FMTC been in business?
FMTC has been providing affiliates with an easy-to-integrate, reliable stream of high quality content and data since 2007.
Does your feed work with WordPress?
Yes. Check out this page for more information about our Clipper theme plugin for WordPress. Not using the Clipper theme? Check out Pods! They can be used on any WordPress theme.
Who uses FMTC?
FMTC is proud to be the preferred data provider for many of the industry's top cash back, coupon, and deal websites. Companies such as Ebates, SlickDeals, Shop.com, iGive, Shopping-Bargains have been using FMTC for years. High quality data is the cornerstone of their businesses and they know they can depend on FMTC to deliver. See more of our featured clients and read what they have to say about us!
Why is your service priced more than competing services?
Quite simply, you get what you pay for. FMTC's core business is based on providing affiliates with high quality content and tools needed to run a successful affiliate site. We don't outsource our programming. We don't outsource our data entry.

Our team spends over one thousand hours every week making sure the data we send is clear, consistent, accurate, and reliable. Our engineering staff is constantly developing new tools to make life as an affiliate a little bit easier. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support possible. Most inquiries are answered within 2 business hours. And we're not opposed to picking up the phone and speaking with you!

Businesses that depend on high quality data and want the most responsive customer service use FMTC.
I have a Coupon Mini Feed subscription. Can I still get merchant logos?
Yes. Coupon Mini Feed subscribers, can purchase merchant logos a la carte for $50/month. This gives you all the logos we have on file now, and any we add in the future, as long as your subscription is current.
Do you charge more based on how many merchants I select?
No. Unlike our competitors, we don't nickel and dime you. With our Coupon Mini Feed, you get access to all of the US and Canadian programs we support. Our Premium Feed includes access to ALL of the merchants we support - US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Our UK Feed includes access to all of the UK merchants in our database and our Australian Feed includes access to all of the Australian merchants we support. Our Select Mini Feed is the only exception. Pricing on it is based on how many merchants you may need (lots of 100). We pride ourselves on being transparent in our pricing structure. What you see is what you get. You don't have to "contact us for a quote" if you want all the bells and whistles.
Do I have to join networks, apply to programs, and get approved for them in order to use your service?
If you do not want to join networks and apply to every program FMTC supports, you can sign up for a free account with Skimlinks and provide us with your Skimlinks ID. The links for the stores and offers we provide you with will be monetized and your commissions will be tracked and paid to you by Skimlinks instead of by an affiliate network. FMTC Connect can also help you with applying to programs. Our FMTC Connect services utilize the expertise and relationships we’ve built over the last near-decade to connect your FMTC account with thousands of merchants across dozens of affiliate networks and data sources. To learn more about services go to the FMTC Connect page
How are you different from your competitors?
FMTC is not just a coupon feed! We are an all-purpose content, data and merchant management solution for smart affiliates. We take the hassle out of being an affiliate by providing clean, comprehensive, and reliable data, providing cutting edge merchant management tools, and allowing you to easily monetize data for programs you have not joined using Skimlinks.

FMTC does not outsource data entry. Our U.S. based team is dedicated to providing the highest quality affiliate datafeed on the market. Ongoing offers are tested every 90 days to ensure our feed contains discounts that work. Our service is constantly evolving to include more tools, more feautures, and more data. Our sole focus is the service we provide to you. We are not distracted by parent companies with other agendas.
How do I make money from the coupons and deals you provide?
When you join FMTC, you give us your affiliate network IDs. The links we provide to you contain your own affiliate IDs, so sales that are generated from result in commissions that are paid directly to you by the affiliate network. If you would like to promote deals from programs you have not joined, tell us your Skimlinks ID and we will provide you with Skimlinks URLs. Feed subscribers that opt to use Merchant Sync and our Skimlinks Autopilot tool, you can use both affiliate links and Skimlinks URLs without any extra programming on their sites. Our system will automatically deliver the proper link based on your relationship status for each merchant you have selected.
What do you do that I can’t do myself?
In regard to coupons and promotions, we have an advanced system for pulling coupons, deals, sales, and other promotions from the networks we work with. Our team of experienced data engineers review the offers, standardize the labels, checks each offer to make sure it is valid, tests the links and landing pages and makes corrections when necessary. They also categorize the offers and assign deal types.

Our system ranks each offer based on discount amount, scope of the offer, and consumer appeal. This ranking system was developed by our team of marketing experts who have a combined total of 30+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing space. Our ranking system can be used to ensure the best offers are featured at the top of your merchant pages.

In addition to cleaning up and aggregating offers provided by merchants, we frequently build deep links to categories such as best sellers, new arrivals, clearance sections, and other areas consumers are interested in. We let you know if the store has a free or discounted shipping policy. We also have automated scrapers that pull deals off store pages and build affiliate links for them. This is especially handy for stores that don’t send out many affiliate promotions.

In regard to merchant data, we collect and provide homepage affiliate URLs, direct link homepage URLs, and logos. We assign a primary category and subcategories, we note the countries the merchant ships to, if they accept special payments such as Paypal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, Bill Me Later, WuPay and V.me, and if their affiliate tracking works on mobile devices.

Our Merchant Sync tool monitors which programs you are approved for and can automatically include them in your feed if you are approved and exclude them from your feed if they go offline or your relationship is terminated. If you want to receive content for programs you have not joined, you can monetize this content using Skimlinks. Our Skimlinks Autopilot tool allows you to use a combination of affiliate links and Skimlinks URLs with no extra programming on your site.

This type of manual and automated content and data curation and verification takes our team over 1,000 of hours every week. The information we have on merchants is the result of years of data collection. There is simply no way an individual could clean up, process, and collect all of the content and data that we deliver. The tools and features we provide with all subscriptions frees up your time to do what you do best – marketing your website and driving sales!


Free Trial Questions

Are there any limitations on free trial accounts?
Feed subscription free trials do not include access to logos and have a limit of 50 merchants. Merchant Sync and Skimlinks Autopilot are also not available for use on trial accounts. Local deals can be included, but only by request. Select Mini trials are limited to just one POD.
Why do some of the free trials only include 50 merchants?
Our free trials are meant to give you a taste of our service. Access to 50 merchants of your choice is enough to get familiar with our feed, our data, our quality and our tools and features.
How long is the free trial?
You can receive a free trial for 14 days.


Coupon Data

Do you include images?
We include product images whenever possible. About 75% of the product deals featured in our feed include an image.
Do you categorize every coupon and deal?
Yes, every offer that goes into our database is categorized and assigned a deal type. Premium Feed, UK Feed, and Australian Feed subscribers have access to category and deal type metadata. Documentation on our categories and deal types can be found under the documentation tab when you log in to your FMTC account.
How can I report a bad coupon?
Log in to your FMTC account and click on Browse Deals. Use the search tools to locate the coupon you wish to report. Click on its individual Submit an Issue link.
Can I send you coupons to add?
If you come across a coupon we are missing, log in to your FMTC account, click on Submit an Issue and choose Data Entry.
A merchant gave me an exclusive coupon, how do I enter it?
Not all of our feed subscribers have their own back end admins for data management, so we provide a way for you to manage your exclusive coupons in our admin area. Detailed instructions on how to add and maintain your own offers can be viewed in our documentation, which can be accessed when you log in to your FMTC account. Note, this feature is available to all our Premium, Coupon Mini, and Select Mini subscribers.
How many coupons and deals do you have?
Our data entry team works around the clock 365 days/year and they are constantly adding new coupons and deals. The number of offers in our feed fluctuates daily. Current coupon counts by subscription can be viewed at the bottom of the chart labeled, "Deal Content" under "What's Included in Each Feed" on our subscriptions page.
Where do I find Grocery coupons?
These merchants offer Grocery coupons:
  • Coupons.com
  • SmartSource
  • RedPlum
  • SavingStar
  • Save In Store
You can find them all on the Manage Merchants page on your FMTC dashboard.


Mechant Data

Managing affiliate relationships takes a lot of time. How can FMTC help?
FMTC takes away a lot of the hassle of managing affiliate relationships. Simply sign up at the networks we support, join the programs you are interested in, and use our Merchant Sync tool to automatically match the programs you are approved for with the programs FMTC supports. If a program goes offline or your relationship is terminated, Merchant Sync can remove it from your FMTC account - you don't have to do anything.

If you would like to promote coupons and deals for programs you have not joined yet, sign up for an account at Skimlinks, give us your Skimlinks ID, and we will provide you with Skimlinks URLs for the merchants and deals in our database. Our Skimlinks Autopilot tool will allow you to use a hybrid of affiliate links and Skimlinks URLs on your site. When Merchant Sync detects you are not approved for a program you've selected, you will be given a Skimlinks URL. If your affiliation status changes and you are approved, you will be given an affiliate link - all automatically!

Merchant activation and deactivation emails are sent by our system daily and Merchant Sync sends a daily report, so you will always know what is happening with your affiliate relationships.
I have stores on my site that are not in your feed. Can you add them?
FMTC aims to support as many high value merchants as possible. If there are stores you would like to see us add, just let us know!
Do you provide store logos?
120×60 and 88×31 logos are collected for every merchant we support. These logos are included with our Premium Feed and Local Feed subscriptions. Our other subscribers can purchase logos a la carte for $50/month. This gives you all the logos we have on file now, and any we add in the future, as long as your subscription is current.
What kind of data do you provide on merchants?
FMTC collects a lot of data on the merchants that we support, including 120x60 and 88x31 logos, direct homepage URL, homepage affiliate link, network ID, primary country, ship-to countries, including APO/FPO, special payment options, including Paypal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, Bill Me Later, WuPay, and V.me., primary and subcategories of the products they sell, and if their affiliate tracking works on mobile devices.
How many merchants do you support?
FMTC currently provides content for  [MerchantCount] merchants and we add hundreds of new merchants every month.
Do you include merchant descriptions?
In order to protect our clients from SEO problems due to duplicate content, merchant descriptions are not included in our feed. However, we do provide our clients with an admin area to write up their own merchant descriptions, which are included in their FMTC feed along with the other data we provide.



What is Skimlinks?
Skimlinks is a revshare service that you can use to monetize content you receive from FMTC if you do not want to join programs or are having trouble getting approved because your site is new.
What merchants does Skimlinks support?
Skimlinks supports over 18,000 merchants. To find out if a specific merchant works with Skimlinks, log in to your Skimlinks account and visit their merchant page.
Can I use Skimlinks and Affiliate links?
Feed subscribers: When you enter your Skimlinks ID, a field is added to your feed that contains the Skimlinks URL for each merchant and each offer. When you set up Merchant Sync and enable Skimlinks Autopilot, you can use a combination of affiliate links and Skimlinks URLs to monetize the content in your FMTC feed. When Merchant Sync detects you are approved for a program, an affiliate link will appear in the affiliate link field of your feed. If Merchant Sync detects you are not approved for one of your selected merchants, a Skimlinks URL will appear in the affiliate link field of your feed. This ensures a functional link will be in place on your site regardless of your affiliation status. Deal Bank subscribers: We include both an affiliate link and a Skimlinks URL with all of the offers in our database. It is up to you to determine which one to use.


Feed Settings

How often should I download the feed?
Because our data team works around the clock, we suggest pulling incremental data every 30 minutes and non-incremental data every couple hours. There is a download limit of 500 calls per day.
How often is the feed updated?
The feed is updated in nearly real time. Once our data entry team adds a deal, it is usually available to download within 15 minutes. Our data entry team works around the clock 365 days a year, so deals are being added to the feed very frequently.
Can I use different IDs for merchants on the same network?
Yes, we allow you to enter one ID to cover all merchants within a network or use different network IDs on a merchant by merchant basis. This can be done on the Manage Network IDs page when you log in to your FMTC account.
What if I don’t have an account at some of the networks you support?
If you want to select programs that are on a network you do not work with, we suggest setting up Merchant Sync, providing us with your Skimlinks ID, and using Skimlinks Autopilot to ensure you have monetized links on your site.

If you use standard affiliate links for programs/networks you are not approved for, the links will not load to the merchant’s website. When you use Merchant Sync with FMTC’s Skimlinks Autopilot, you can rest assured that the links will load and be monetized whenever possible.
Can I add all merchants?
Yes, you can add all merchants, however, we advise you to use our Merchant Sync Tool and provide us with your Skimlinks ID if you are not approved for all of the programs you are selecting. If you use standard affiliate links for programs you are not approved for, the links will be broken on your site and that is a poor customer experience. When you use Merchant Sync in conjunction with our exclusive Skimlinks Autopilot tool, you can rest assured that the links will load and be monetized whenever possible.
Where do I enter my affiliate network IDs?
Log in to your FMTC account and click on Manage Network IDs. You must enter network IDs for the links to work and for the networks to be able to track your commissions.

Optionally, you may enter your Skimlinks ID on the Skimlinks page in your admin. If you use Merchant Sync and Skimlinks Autopilot, a Skimlinks URL will be included in your feed if no relationship is detected for merchants you have selected or networks that are missing an ID.
How do I choose which merchants are in my feed?
You can manage your selected merchants using our automated Merchant Sync tool or you can add and remove merchants manually. Log in to your FMTC account for details on both methods.
What fields are in the feed?
When you register for an FMTC account, you will be given access to our documentation which names and defines every field in our feed.
How do I display the feed on my website?
We have multiple integration methods available for our feeds! See all the options on our Feed Integration Methods page.
What feed formats are available?
Subscribers can choose from JSON, XML, CSV, PIPE, or TAB to download their feed. By default, new accounts download in XML format via the API. FTP access is also available. We recommend using JSON or XML because these formats will make it easier for your site to adopt new features as we add them.


Technical Support

How do I report a technical problem with the feed?
Log in to your FMTC account, click Submit an Issue, and choose Technical Assistance.
Do you have a demo of the feed in action?
Sign up for a free trial of the feed that best suits your needs.



How can I report a problem with billing?
Log in to your FMTC, click on Submit an Issue and choose “Billing”.
How can I change my credit card information?
Log in to your FMTC account and click on Billing.
When am I billed?
The billing date is determined by when you signed up for your paid subscription. For example, if you signed up for a paid subscription on the 3rd, you will be billed on the 3rd of each month for service from the 3rd through the 2nd of the following month.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. For corporate structured clients, we can also make arrangements for invoices to be generated and delivered to your Accounts Payable departments for fulfillment. Please contact us for more details.
How do I subscribe to the feed?
At any time during your free trial, you are welcome to set up your subscription. Log in to your FMTC account and go to the Subscribe page. Choose the subscription that best suits your needs, then fill out your billing information.