Our Service


You work hard to create a valuable experience for your visitors, members and readers. Content plays a big part in that. You need words that are spelled correctly, links that work, promotions that appeal to your readers and categorization that helps you find and display the best possible content.

That’s where we can help!

We pull together content across the vast affiliate marketing landscape, clean it all up and make it available to you in neat, tidy files and easy-to-use tools.

Whether you choose an Enterprise Level Datafeed or a Content Tool, our top-notch service makes filling your site, blog, or app with monetized content a piece of cake.

How It Works

  1. We join affiliate programs at the top networks.

  2. We tap into APIs and comb through affiliate emails to find as many coupons and deals as possible.

  3. Our stateside team of data engineers manually test each offer, fix any issues they find, standardize labels, add categories, deal types, and offer details.

  4. You provide us with your affiliate IDs for each network/program and/or give us your Skimlinks Publisher ID.

  5. The data we aggregate is neatly bundled into a feed or a tool that contains monetized links with your affiliate ID and/or a Skimlinks URL.

Content Aggregation

We aggregate content from:

The result is 150,000 – 225,000 deals available on a daily basis. Click here to see the types of deals and other content included in our feeds.

Monetization Options

link-builder-iconYou can choose how to monetize the content we provide. Simply enter your Affiliate IDs for the networks you have relationships with and we’ll provide you with your unique affiliate links.

You can also add your Skimlinks ID to monetize deals for programs you haven’t joined yet.

Or – choose to do both! With Merchant Sync and Skimlinks Autopilot, we can automatically detect which programs you are approved for and provide you with your affiliate link – and for the programs you don’t belong to, we’ll provide you with a Skimlinks URL. Click here to learn more about how Skimlinks works.

Simple User Interface

Whether you choose an Enterprise Level Datafeed or a tool like our Deal Bank, you’ll have access to an admin panel that will help you:

  • Keep track of merchant relationships
  • Find deals
  • Customize your content

Click here to see what your interface looks like.

Data Engineering & Support

Our service is backed by a team of affiliate marketing professionals. Learn more about how our Data Engineers ensure that you get the most accurate data – and how accessible our staff is for all of your questions.