FMTC Employee Spotlight: Amy Walsh

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Amy Walsh, FMTC Data Processing and Customer Service Team Lead

How long have you worked at FMTC and what is your current role?

I have worked at FMTC since June of 2016, I started out as a data engineer and am currently the Deal Processing and Customer Service Team Lead. We have 30+ team members spread over 3 countries. I also manage all projects that fall under the realm of deal processing and custom content.


What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy being able to build and train a team to accomplish goals that help others succeed. I also love to help members of my team see their strengths, grow in those areas and build the confidence to take on higher positions and more complex tasks. Being a reliable solutions provider to our clients and providing a worry-free feed is also very important to me.


What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

When I am not working, I love spending time with my children, tending to my gardens, being outdoors, building new things, exercising, writing, painting and hopefully encouraging others to reach new levels of peace or success via social media.


What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

A fun fact that many people don’t know about me is that I am left handed but semi-ambidextrous.


Where’s your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world, though I know vague, I would have to say is in nature. My heart feels at home on the farm, in the woods or on the beach.


What’s your motto or personal mantra?

My motto or personal mantra is fairly simple, never give up and remember your former self was trying to get to where you are today, keep moving forward.


Where is your hometown?

My parents were in the military, we moved every 4 years, sometimes 10 months so my hometown would be difficult to say but I guess I would pick where I went to high school which is Elizabeth City NC.

Amy Walsh Family

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