Premium Merchants Can Now Push Deals to Any Publisher with DealDeploy℠

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What is DealDeploy?

DealDeploy, a brand-new feature from FMTC just released in beta, enables Premium Merchants and OPMs to push deals to any publisher they want. This is exciting news for merchants who can now get their offers in front of a wider audience than previously possible. Previously, recipient publishers had to be paid FMTC subscribers. 


How DealDeploy Works


DealDeploy creates a public endpoint where publishers can access your deals via API. Once you opt in, an API key will be automatically generated. We will provide you with a URL to share which allows the publisher to retrieve your deals.


If you ever change your mind, don’t worry – you can opt out any time. Simply uncheck the “Enable Deal Deploy” box in your dashboard, and you’ll be finished. We’ve provided more details on this process below.


How to Access DealDeploy


  1. Login to your Premium Merchant or OPM account at (Don’t have a premium account? Click here to find out how to get started.)
  2. Using the left menu, navigate to Manage Programs > Manage Programs


3. Click to select a program from your list

4. DealDeploy will appear on the far right of the top menu. Click to view details about the DealDeploy℠.

5. You’ll also have the option to enable DealDeploy from this page.


(Remember, you can enable or disable at any time by revisiting the page and deselecting “Enable Deal Deploy” at the bottom of the screen.)


Giving Publishers Access


Now that you’ve enabled DealDeploy, you can choose to push deals from the selected merchant to a public endpoint. To allow a specific publisher to access your deals, simply provide them with the URL. The deals will be accessible in the standard FMTC JSON deal feed format. 


Learn More About DealDeploy


To learn more about DealDeploy or FMTC’s other premium merchant and OPM services, please contact us here.


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