3 Secrets that all Deal and Rewards Sites can use to Drive SEO Traffic [Webinar]

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Join FMTC and Acquisition Digital for a FREE webinar on Wednesday, June 24 at 11:30am CT!

Are you looking to improve your site’s natural search traffic? Deal and rewards sites have special needs and special opportunities. Listen to expert SEO Merove Heifetz and FMTC’s team lead Amy Walsh on how to create quality content and a positive user experience at scale.

To learn more, join FMTC’s FREE webinar on Wednesday, June 24 at 11:30am CT. Please click below to register and get your link to join:


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About Our Speakers

Merove Heifetz  
(sounds like Mer-AHV HIGH-fitz)
Founder & Digital Strategist, Acquisition Digital 
[email protected]
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Merove has 20 years of diverse digital strategy, integrated marketing, management and consulting experience with agencies such as Acceleration Partners and Round Barn Labs, international nonprofits such as Make-A-Wish, venture-backed startups, publishers, ecommerce & Fortune 5+ clients, and everything in between. She consults for brands & also in partnership with several agencies on cross-channel data-driven customer acquisition strategies — particularly SEO & user experience.


Amy Walsh
Data Processing Team Lead, FMTC
[email protected] 


Amy leads the Deal Processing, Custom Content and Merchant Services teams at FMTC. In her role she’s responsible for building and leading teams with optimized workflow. She provides clients with clean, SEO-friendly monetized data as well as connecting with outside project managers. Amy graduated with her BS in Engineering – Computer Technologies, from Elizabeth City State University and has been working for FMTC for 4 years. Amy’s daily motivational posts have been published multiple times.


Brook Schaaf

[email protected] 

Brook has been involved in the performance marketing space since 2000., starting in-house before co-founding two companies, Schaaf-PartnerCentric (founded 2006, sold 2017) and (founded 2007). He is an active member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and lives in the country with his wife, child, and chickens.


Learn More About Improving Your SEO Now


Can’t wait to learn more about improving your SEO? Check out FMTC’s Custom Content for a great place to get started. Custom Content allows you to optimize titles and develop exclusive descriptions to suit your brand. Our team will craft unique, SEO-optimized deal content to make sure you stand out. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure a successful process and help you free up crucial, internal resources.

For more information, please email [email protected].


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