Local Deals

Looking for a source of data to fill your local deal site or app?

Our Local Deals Feed regularly has 24,355 deals pulled from top merchants and networks. Our Data Processors clean, categorize and standardize the content – giving you offers you can display through geo-targeting.

Note: Our Enterprise Level Datafeeds are best suited for those with an engineering team who can access the feeds and integrate them into custom sites and apps.


What’s Included

Your local feed will include much of the same data you’d find in our Enterprise Level Feed including:

  • Merchant details
  • Your monetized link (Contains your affiliate ID or FreshReach link)
  • Start and end dates
  • Product, merchant or deal image (when available)
  • Was and now prices + the calculated difference

PLUS, your local feed will also include:

  • Merchant address
  • Latitude and longitude

FMTC’s Local Deals Feed allows you to pull geo-targeted offers and display them based on your visitors’ location – giving your shoppers deals they can redeem at local businesses.


Data from a Sample Offer

Below are the fields of data included for a local deal:

Label: Dental Exam and Teeth-Whitening Package at Centreville Dental Group.
Business Name: Centreville Dental Group
City: Northern Virginia
State: VA
Address: 13890 Braddock Rd
Zip: 20121
Latitude: 38.83700561
Longitude: -77.4286499
Price: 45.00
List Price: 270.00
Discount: 225.00
Percent Off: 83


How It Works


You’ll have access to our interface and your feed.

  • The interface is where where you’ll login, add your affiliate IDs or FreshReach link, choose the merchants you’d like to get deals from, access your API and contact our support team.
  • The feed is a file (sort of like a big spreadsheet) filled with the data for each deal your chosen merchants are offering. You’ll start by grabbing the entire list of deals to fill your site and then each day you’ll grab just the updates to add new deals and edit any that have changed. This all happens automatically through our API.


(Note: You’ll need to have a coder and/or a database engineer who can tie your website to our API.)


Top Local Networks and Merchants Included


We pull local deals from the top networks and merchants, including:

GivingAssistant website
BeFrugal website
360CouponCodes website
TradeDoubler affiliate network logo
commission junction
rakuten linkshare
Tada website
avantlink us
avantlink canada
ShopHer Media
commission factory
performance horizon
Digital River
Affiliate Future

Get Started


Learn more about what’s included, how data is collected, and how you can implement it by reviewing Our Service.

We can set you up with a trial so that you can take a look at the deals and features. Sign up for a free trial account.