Canadian Deals

Our Canadian Deals Feeds are filled with monetized offers from merchants in Canada. If your site is attracting Canadian visitors looking for great deals, these feeds are your source of clean, categorized, verified, monetized links.



What’s Included

Premium Feed for Canada:


You’ll receive access to:

  • All Deal Types – From coupons and free shipping offers to category sales and new customer discounts – you get access to all of the deals we collect for Canadian merchants.
  • Merchant Data – Including logos, screenshots, homepage links, ship-to countries, primary category and subcategories.
  • Deal Metadata – Allows you to easily classify offers by deal type in order to build pages dedicated to free shipping, new customer promos, specific types of sales, and more.


Coupon Mini Feed for Canada:


Like all of our Mini Feeds, the Coupon Mini Feed includes a specific sub-set of data from our Premium Feed to meet your exact needs, in this case:

  • “Coupon” data is included. Coupons are any offer with a “coupon code” (ie, enter “10OFF” in the cart)
  • Free shipping offers. All offers that are for free shipping.


Powerful Features


You’ll also be able to put our powerful features to work to help you maximize your commission earning potential and automate the updates to your site:

  • FreshReach Sub-Affiliate Network – Enter your Affiliate IDs using FreshReach to monetize as many deals as possible.
  • Merchant Sync – We take the hassle out of figuring which programs you belong to and which you don’t. Our system can detect the programs you are approved for at each network and match them up to the programs FMTC supports. Merchant data and coupons for these programs can be automatically added to your affiliate coupon data feed or removed if the program goes offline.



Learn More and Try It for Free



Learn more about what’s included, how data is collected, and how you can implement it by reviewing Our Service.

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