Content Datafeeds

Our Content Datafeeds contain monetized deal, coupon and offer content that you can use to fuel your deal site, cashback program, loyalty app or other custom business model.

FMTC takes the hassle out of running an affiliate coupon or deal site. We spend thousands of hours each month testing, fixing, and categorizing coupons and links so you don’t have to. In addition to aggregating offers available through the networks, we also build deep links to sales and clearance, promotional shipping offers, and provide extensive data on every merchant we support.


What Is a Content Datafeed?


Our Enterprise Level Datafeeds contain content that you can use to fill your coupon site, loyalty program, cash back site or other custom site or app.

Think of a datafeed as a big spreadsheet filled with content. Each line contains merchant details, an affiliate link, a deal label (like “Free Shipping”) start and end dates and so on. Here’s a look at a slice of a spreadsheet containing the “data” from an Enterprise Level Datafeed:



Click the image to view a larger version.


Accessing the Data


You’ll be able to access the content through:

  • Your interface where you can browse through the directory of deals
  • A download option – choose to grab a CSV file or an XML file
  • An automated API – make calls to our system and keep your site up-to-date automatically


Implementing the Data


The great thing about data is that you can use it however you see fit. We’ll supply you with standardized fields, verified links, clean content and constant updates that you can use to power your deal or shopping site.

You have a few options for implementing the data including integration through your own engineering staff, licensing our deal site platform or using WordPress.


Choose Your Feed


Our Enterprise Level Content Datafeeds are available in a variety of “sizes” to fit your needs. Choose the feed that includes just the right type of content for you. Click here to view more subscription details.