5 Reasons to Join FMTC For Merchants and OPMs

  FMTC is the largest and most accurate affiliate content database in the world. Think of FMTC as a slow cooker for merchants and OPMs, simply set it and forget it. We provide the tools and excellent customer service to efficiently pull the deals and products from the network and into your partners’ hands. We […]

Is Affiliate Marketing on the Cusp of a Golden Age?

Last week, I listened to an interview with Hanan Mayaan on the Rick Magennis podcast. Hanan, the CEO and Co-Founder of affiliate data tool Trackonomics (a partner of FMTC), said something that struck me and stuck with me, that affiliate marketing might be “on the cusp of a golden age”. His statement rang true to […]

FMTC Now Offers Consolidated Reporting with Trackonomics

  FMTC offers an exciting integration that you may not have heard about yet. Consolidated reporting through Trackonomics is now available through the FMTC account dashboard. This feature is an optional add-on, allowing subscribers to access reports from many networks with a single sign-on (SSO).    Benefits of Using Consolidated Reporting   Effortless Access   […]