Q3 Data Processed: 2017 vs. 2018 [Infographic]

  To serve our clients better, we’ve been working on some exciting new changes in the past year. We’ve increased our data processing team to 19 people, including several shift leads and a full-time team leader dedicated to maximizing our team’s productivity. Additionally, we hired on a senior developer to manage projects and lead our […]

does FMTC earn commissions

Does FMTC Earn Commissions?

FMTC does not receive clicks on affiliate links, not to mention commissions from the affiliate sales, referred by FMTC clients. We operate on a subscription/membership model. Here’s how it works…

Questionable Pumpkin Spice Products

  Now that fall is here (even though it doesn’t feel like it here in North Carolina), we’ve all seen pumpkin spice products lining the shelves. Have you seen any questionable ones lately? I must say, I do enjoy an occasional pumpkin flavored goody during fall but it seems we might be getting carried away. […]

FMTC Featured Merchant – pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage solution that helps both individual and business users access, edit, and collaborate on files at maximum security, anywhere in the world. For a little over 4 years since its launch, the service has gained a following of 7.6+ million users. The company considers file security and easy access priority. Today […]

FMTC New Merchants

New FMTC Merchants 9-17-2018

New FMTC merchants include: Amara, Apple, JoyJolt, Swanson Health Products, and The Trailer Parts Outlet.