Coming Soon! Merchant Descriptions

If your affiliate program is available in FMTC, you automatically get a free profile page in our Merchant Hub. This is our directory that provides information about your program for affiliates to learn more and even sign up. We include basic information like the homepage URL, primary country, logo, and more. There is helpful network […]

FMTC Data Processed in May 2019

  We think it’s important to periodically share meaningful statistics about our data processing. Every improvement made to our data processing team directly benefits our clients. This week we’re sharing some of our top statistics from the data processed in May 2019.   Merchants Added & Daily Average Incoming Deals   Most notably, we’ve significantly […]

fmtc updating deals

Updating Your Deals in FMTC

We want to ensure that your deals are as up to date as possible with all the correct information. Use the information in this post to ensure that your offers are being used as you intended, and changes appear as quickly as possible.

Larissa’s Roadtrip Adventure to California

  If you emailed me last week, you probably saw my OOO response that I was moving to California. Well, I made it! My family and I drove over 48 hours across the beautiful USA and arrived at our new home near Sacramento, CA. I wanted to share a few highlights of our journey, just […]