What Are The Benefits of Two-Tier Affiliate Marketing Programs

Before we get into the benefits of two-tier affiliate marketing, let’s discuss what it is. Two-tier affiliate marketing is when your current affiliates refer other affiliates to sign up with your program and then you pay your current affiliate either a one-time flat fee or a percentage of all commissions that the new affiliates they […]

Network Updates

Network Updates in FMTC

If you’ve logged into your FMTC account or perused the Merchant Hub lately, you may have noticed a few network updates. We’ve recently changed the network names and abbreviations to more accurately reflect network details. Network Name Updates 1. CJ changed to:  CJ Affiliate by Conversant 2. Groupon changed to:  Groupon Partner Network 3. Impact Radius changed to:  […]

FMTC’s Clipper Plugin: Everything You Need to Know

  How to Use FMTC’s Clipper Plugin   We’ve created a plugin that works with the Clipper theme by AppThemes.  The theme provides you with the visual framework to display your deals while our plugin connects you to our growing database of stores and offers. The result is a site filled with well-organized deals, complete with your affiliate […]


FMTC’s Favorite Halloween Costumes!

  FMTC would like to wish you all a happy Halloween! On our most recent company huddle, we shared our favorite costumes that either we’ve worn or our family has worn. Here are a few favorites! Adorable Babies Leona’s little one as a boo-tiful peacock   I ruff this one of Chrystal’s baby   Beth’s […]