FMTC’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Recap

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FMTC’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Recap


Black Friday and Cyber Monday included a record number of deals processed for FMTC. Our team collectively processed 8,227 deals on Black Friday — almost double what we processed in 2018. However, our team smashed this record on Cyber Monday with a total of 10,025 deals processed. That’s a lot of deals in one day!


Data Processing Highlights


Our data processors test coupon codes as well as fix grammar errors, standardize labels, categorize, and more. During this process, we find many humorous mistakes that somehow made it through QA. Here are a couple of our team’s favorites:


Merry Chirsmas, anyone?



No matter how you spell Christmas, that still looks like a good deal to us!




What the fgsdsg?


Seems like someone was in a hurry to get home and start cooking the turkey!



Our virtual team working together


Our team called an “all hands on deck” and members outside the data processing team began learning how to process deals as well. Although we all work remotely, we all had a sense of camaraderie as we pitched in to help each other:



Happy Holidays from FMTC


We had a successful Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, which means we did our part to help our publishers’ success as well. Our team continues to work tirelessly throughout the entire Q4 shopping season to deliver the cleanest data as fast as we can. 


Happy Holidays!

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