Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 05-21-2021

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 05-21-21

You’ve probably heard about iOS 14.5 a million times by now, but read on to learn how brands can use it to take partnerships to the next level!

M&A, New Entrants, and Features

Recent Investment in the Affiliate Market

Tech, Service, and Publishing have each received large investment from top tier firms and gone on to make significant investments. 

Source: MarTech Series

Apple Launches Affiliate Program for Podcasts Subscriptions

Launching this month, Apple Podcast Subscriptions will allow users to subscribe to podcasts to receive perks, such as an ad-free listening experience, early access to episodes, and exclusive episodes.

Source: MacRumors

Best Practices, Explainers, and Predictions

Brands can use iOS 14.5 to build better partnerships

The most significant change that brands face lies in the measurement and payment structures of install efforts. Over time, these have evolved to a point where brands assume little risk but reap all the rewards. That is about to end, and brands need to act quickly if they want to continue to drive app installs.

Source: impact

10 Scenarios When You Should NOT Start an Affiliate Program

Rather than start an affiliate marketing program doomed to fail, invest your time and effort into overcoming obstacles and improving your odds of success. We’ve covered it all in the following lines, where we present to you the ten scenarios when you should not start an affiliate program.

Source: AM Navigator

Apple and Google Privacy Updates: the Impact on Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

User privacy has moved to the forefront of the digital advertising conversation over recent months. The most significant developments recently are Apple’s iOS14 app tracking transparency and Google Chrome’s intent to shift away from 3rd party cookies.

Source: PerformanceIN

Events, Webinars, and Podcasts

Build strong partnership skills at this 4-week bootcamp

This year, the industry’s annual partnership summit is compressed into an intense four-week bootcamp throughout the month of June, where pros from top brands, social influencers, and every partner in between talk strategy, innovation, and the how of building modern partnerships.

Source: feedly

How affiliate marketing’s resurgence is giving big tech a run for its money

As presented at PI LIVE Global on May 13, in this presentation you’ll hear about the four main factors that have catalyzed change, and how the affiliate renaissance is being embraced in a variety of creative ways. Whether it’s big brands outsourcing innovation, mass media publishers employing a multimedia approach, or a surge in interest from micro-SMEs, this session provides invaluable insight into the themes that are leading to the reinvention of the ultimate acquisition channel.

Source: ShareASale

Watch Video Replays from the PMA Virtual Conference

For a limited time, you can get access to both keynotes plus 13 sessions and panel discussions for only $19. Once you make the purchase, you have 90 days to watch all 15 videos (live Q&As not included). Even better, PMA members can still get access for free!

Source: Performance Marketing Association

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