Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 05-14-2021

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 05-14-21

FMTC wants to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the affiliate space! Read on to catch up on this week’s news- we’re especially excited to share some articles featuring our newest partnership with SheerID!


SheerID Joins Forces With The World’s Largest Affiliate Content Database

One of the biggest challenges for affiliate marketers is that high-value deals, like those verified by SheerID, can be overlooked in the marketplace already flooded with deals. With this initiative, FMTC helps affiliates find the most valuable deals out there to increase their commissions. In turn, brands still remain in control of their personalized offers but are able to reach an even wider audience.

Source: MarTech Series

How to Boost Affiliate Marketing with Gated Offers and FMTC

SheerID announced its partnership with FMTC so that our clients can expand their affiliate marketing program to reach customers through enterprise affiliates.

Source: SheerID

M&A, New Entrants, and Features

Deribit founders lead $2.5 million round for decentralized referral network Attrace

With fresh capital at hand, Attrace is looking to grow its developer community and team, CEO Erwin Werring told The Block. When launched, the network is expected to help promoters, buyers, and sellers to execute promotions and sales via a decentralized network.


BrandVerity Extends Leadership Position in Performance Category with Launch of Freemium Solution

The free-to-use protection ensures channel compliance by providing always-on search monitoring across affiliate programs.

Source: MarTech Series

Case Studies, Profiles, and Awards

The Advertiser Diaries: Adam Clisby

In PerformanceIN’s first edition of this new column, they chat with affiliate marketing and partnerships specialist at Vodafone, Adam Clisby, who has a strong background in the industry and a passion for forming relationships.

Source: PerformanceIN

Global Affiliate Insights – Whitepaper

Affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry generates around 16% of all e-commerce sales globally. During the difficult trading environment in 2020-21, this focus has become increasingly important. And it’s a figure that is growing quickly and at different rates in different markets – affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022 – with over 80% being B2C.

Source: Publisher Discovery

Best Practices, Explainers, and Predictions

Influencer Marketing 101, Part 1: What Is It?

Influencer marketing is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth promotion. Within e-commerce, we can segment influencers into three categories: celebrities, authorities, and peers.

Source: PracticalEcommerce

Innovation, transparency and accountability have disrupted affiliate marketing. That’s good news.

In affiliate marketing, an emerging convergence of infrastructure, technology, platforms, service, measurement, and analytics is a welcome force for healthy change.

Source: Digital Commerce 360

Did you hear? Advertising is dead. Read the ebook

We know what you’re thinking — you’ve heard this before. Advertising’s demise has been declared many times. Advertising is dead shows how we’ve reached the tipping point, with consumer trust plummeting, ad blocker usage up, and cookies crumbling, just to start.

Source: impact

Events, Webinars, and Podcasts

Why Brands should Consider TM+

In this episode of The Rick Magennis Show, Rick was joined by Chelseah Murphy of Wickfire. Wickfire guides consumers through online purchasing decisions and helps brands by utilizing custom coupon codes and TM+ campaigns.

Source: Buzzsprout

PI LIVE Global 2021 Roundup: Day One

The first day of PI LIVE Global 2021 is complete, and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who attended.

Source: PerformanceIN

If you have an affiliate industry story to share, let us know!

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