Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 03-09-2021

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 03-09-21

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Instagram to Add an Affiliate Program, Keyword Muting in DMs, and More

The latest report by XDA suggests Instagram will soon add a bunch of new features to the app. Notably, it is working on an affiliate program, specific keyword muting in direct messages, and other features for the Instagram app.

Source: Android Headlines


Mistakes to Avoid as a New Affiliate

As a new affiliate, you must be ready to avoid the mistakes that other affiliates before you have made. Here are 4 common mistakes that you should know about.

Source: Affiliate Insider


Moving Influencer Marketing Down the Funnel

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has created an Influencer Marketing Advisory Board to address the standardization of influencer marketing measurement to define accountability and point to attribution models.

Source: Marketing Dive


Brand and Product Reviews Have New FTC Moderation Requirements

The FTC is working with review platforms to ensure all brands are creating a trustworthy experience for consumers by focusing on fair review practices. This is focused on a moderation process that is fair to both consumers and the brands utilizing review platforms.

Source: eAccountable


How iOS 14.5 Impacts Mobile Partnerships

Apple recently updated its policies around tracking and identifying users across mobile apps, beginning as early as mid-March 2021. Device-level install attribution will no longer be possible without user consent. There are several paths forward and opportunities to creatively work with partners and drive continued mobile growth.

Source: Impact


Deep Links Made Easy

LinkConnector recently launched a new feature making it easier for affiliate partners to create custom deep links to pages on approved merchant sites.

Source: LinkConnector


Consumers Frustrated With the Online Shopping Experience, Study Finds

Retailers are suffering from an online service gap, according to Relevance Report 2021 Ecommerce. The report notes that many retailers went out of business last year despite a 28% growth in ecommerce worldwide. It’s not because they hadn’t embraced digital.

Source: MediaPost


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