Here is what our clients, network representatives, affiliate managers and OPMs have to say about working with FMTC:


“…I absolutely love FMTC’s Affiliate Directory. It’s an indispensable tool for any modern website owner. No matter what the subject of your site, you’ll want to use it if you’re trying to monetize your site.”

Ryan “Goob” Eubanks
Hey, It’s Free!


“FMTC is not just a coupon feed, it’s also great for getting monetizing urls from all your merchants and networks.”

Niklas Vaughan
Giving Assistant


“FMTC automates the process of populating coupons pages with affiliate offers, dramatically cutting down your time commitment.”

Jeremy Stephison, Manager, Content Marketing
Groupon Coupons & Groupon Reach Network



“FMTC is highly reliable, trustworthy, and amazing partners that will do whatever they can to help grow our business.”

Andre Colantuono



“FMTC is a tremendous value for publishers who syndicate a high volume of merchant ads vs. the labor cost of curating a similar volume of ads directly from the networks at a similar level of quality.”

Jason South
Rakuten Rewards (formally Ebates)


Kyle Schumacher
FMTC has been a key partner in helping Wikibuy save millions of customers money while shopping online. Instead of having to integrate with every affiliate network to source coupons and promotions, FMTC’s API allows Wikibuy to integrate with all the affiliate networks through one easy integration. More so, the FMTC team is always responsive and helpful.
Kyle Schumacher

Mitch Gibbs</br>VP of Merchant Management

Ebates has been using FMTC for more than 5 years. Their service has saved us countless hours of work and has proven to be extremely reliable. To top it off, FMTC’s support staff is fantastic – they are consistently responsive and informed.

Mitch Gibbs
VP of Merchant Management


Christian Ramsgard</br>Publisher Account Executive

Working with FMTC has greatly eased the process for publishers and advertisers alike. Being that Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network, FMTC brings ease, efficiency, and effectiveness to the coupon/deal aggregation process. Every publisher and advertiser that works with FMTC will see how great their process is!

Christian Ramsgard
Publisher Account Executive

Kimberly Logan</br>Program ManageriGive.com relies on FMTC.com to automatically populate our merchant partners’ offers, sales, coupons, and promos on various pages, including on our Deals & Coupons tab and in rotation on our Home Page. With 1200+ merchant partners, we are unable to manually add offers, so if the feed for a particular partner is not available through FMTC.com, that brand’s offers will NOT make it to our members.

Kimberly Logan
Program Manager


Kevin Awe</br>Vertical Manager, Digital Brands Inc.

It’s amazing to see the difference that FMTC makes when comparing our site to others in the industry. FMTC provides us with up-to-date offers from thousands of merchants, something that is impossible to do manually at the same level of speed and accuracy. The easy-to-use interface, great features and quick responding customer service help us immensely in providing the best and latest coupons, offers and sales to our visitors.

Kevin Awe
Vertical Manager, Digital Brands Inc.
Todd Smith</br>Co-Founder

We could not be happier with FMTC’s service and data. Anytime an email is sent to them making a request, such as adding a new merchant, it is responded to within hours. When we were programming our system to sync with theirs, their technical team was very helpful and responsive. The data feed is clean and gives us many options for continuing to improve the user experience, such as listing storewide sales before free shipping or individual product offers. We have been using them for nearly a year and have not found one misspelling on an offer or a link that went to the wrong page. From the initial call to where we are today, we’ve been impressed.

Todd Smith


Mike Allen</br>Founder

Sure you can buy coupon feeds for less than FMTC charges. Some are even promoted as “free.” But remember, you get what you pay for and FMTC earns their premium price tag by delivering staff-edited, pre-tested coupons and deals standardized across affiliate networks and ready to use. They even include the right affiliate links and starting and expiration dates — including time zones — and that’s just the beginning! I would have to hire several full-time workers just to approximate the richness of their feed and even then I doubt we could come close to matching their volume, speed or scope. Deciding on FMTC was a no-brainer.

Mike Allen


Lauren Keys</br>Editor-In-Chief

It’s amazing to see the difference that FMTC makes when comparing our site to others in the industry. FMTC provides us with up-to-date offers from thousands of merchants, something that is impossible to do manually at the same level of speed and accuracy. The easy-to-use interface, great features, and quick responding customer service help us immensely in providing the best and latest coupons, offers and sales to our visitors.

Lauren Keys


Elisa Petruzzi</br>Affiliate Manager

We value our partnership with FMTC on many levels. They’ve always been reliable when reaching out, and are usually one of the first affiliates to join our clients programs. Knowing they’re part of our advertiser’s programs offers us a sense of security because we know that all offers being funneled through them are always correct and up-to-date. They are partnered with many of the webs top performing publishers and brands, which proves they are one of the most coveted aggregators in the space. We look forward to building upon an already strong and dependable relationship with them!

Elisa Petruzzi
Affiliate Manager


Megan Longmeyer</br>Marketing Director

FMTC is an outstanding company, with one-of-a-kind professional services and a dependable platform for pulling the latest deals. Between fair pricing, ease of use, and an outstanding support staff, FMTC is a solid investment for companies in the couponing industry.

Megan Longmeyer
Marketing Director


Kathleen Dougherty</br>Affiliate Manager

FMTC is a great way for top publishers to seamlessly identify deals from multiple merchants & networks in one feed. This customized feed allows these affiliates to successfully promote offers from Gen3 clients, facilitating revenue generation for these brands.

Kathleen Dougherty
Affiliate Manager


FMTC is a tremendous resource for an affiliate management agency like ours because our retail clients trust us to ensure that coupons and promotions are effectively managed. We know that we can rely on FMTC to remove expired offers and continue to show the most current promotions. The FMTC team is pro-active and diligent in working with our affiliate managers to ensure that the best coupon data is being collected from our retail clients and shared with publishers. We also have the peace of mind in knowing that whenever we need to remove an offer from an affiliate’s feed, FMTC responds quickly and takes the necessary action.

Stephanie Harris


Working with FMTC has been exceptional and saved us months of in-house development. With their professional help we launched several affiliate websites in a hassle-free way and in no time. We highly appreciate their excellent support, attention to technical details and accurate merchant data. Our every request was responded promptly and fulfilled in all requirements. With FMTC we can rely on a high quality work, effective affiliate management, reliable service and 100% working coupons. It cannot get better!

Harsha Kiran


The principles of affiliate marketing are largely focused on serving consumers with the most up-to-date coupons available to ensure positive and cost-efficient shopping experiences. Given this huge responsibility from each of our clients, OPM Pros largely relies on FMTC to assist us in the successful dissemination of this information. They are not only our lifeline for providing current, time-sensitive information on thousands of coupons applicable to our merchants, but they are widely distributed through FMTC’s outstanding database that ensures accuracy and professionalism.

The publishers also rely on FMTC services to consolidate the massive job of logging into each network, reviewing the large scope of coupons/promotions and downloading in a fast and easy solution. FMTC is also very responsive to inquiries from both advertisers and publishers, making them an invaluable tool for both ends of the affiliate management process. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership.

Paresh Vadavia
Co-Founder & Director of Affiliate Marketing


Paul Nichols</br>Director for Business Development

When we first launched Blue Kangaroo 5 years ago, we were sanitizing, normalizing and editing all of the coupon data in-house. We quickly learned what a difficult task that was. Once we gave FMTC a try we were hooked. The FMTC coupon data is accurate and easy to use. A little-recognized benefit is that FMTC is the go-to tool for determining the status of the affiliate programs of thousands of merchants. We rely heavily on the daily FMTC Merchant Activations, Deactivations, and Changes email to track affiliate program status changes. Equally important – the people at FMTC are incredible: friendly, professional and extremely responsive. FMTC is a fantastic technology partner!

Paul Nichols
Director for Business Development


Maximilian Lekhtman</br>Founder

We have worked with other data feed providers in the past and have concluded that FMTC is the benchmark in overall quality. FMTC gives us seamless access to merchants data, which allows us to service our clients as broadly and effectively as possible. Their support staff is pro-active and responsive. They offer us very reliable service and their response times are very short when we have special needs. Their coupon feeds are very dependable and their data is extremely accurate. All this is offered to us at an affordable price. We could not ask for more.

Maximilian Lekhtman


Ziv Gonen Sr.</br>Senior Director, Publisher Program

FMTC is a great service for technical management of affiliate network relationships. It’s easy to integrate, very affordable and of high quality. The FMTC team is very responsive and quick to resolve any issues.

Ziv Gonen Sr.
Senior Director, Publisher Program

“They are the best feed service we have used.”