5 Ways to Organize Your Workspace and Keep it that Way!

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Whether you work in an office with other people or you’re remote, having an organized workspace is extremely beneficial. It helps you have a stress-free place to focus on your tasks, rather than rummaging through papers and other items. Even if you’re generally an organized person, it’s easy to allow your desk to accumulate clutter when you’re busy – which can be extra stressful for Type A people.

Here are a few organization tips to get your workspace clean and tidy, and keep it that way!

Hang a Shelf or Two Near Your Desk

If you find yourself not having enough space on your desk (or just want it as clutter-free as possible), hang a shelf or two above or near your desk. You can use these shelves to store anything that you don’t mind being displayed. It can be books, office supplies, pictures, tech items that you don’t use frequently, or anything else you can think of.

Use a Corkboard

It may seem old-school, but corkboards are still super handy. Use it to keep your schedule, to-do list, and important reminders in view at all times. You can also add a picture or two for your own personal touch.

Use Drawer Dividers

This may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t use them. Drawer dividers help you keep your office supplies organized so you know exactly where they are. Even if you have organized your drawer without them, if you have trouble finding something even once, all your hard work can be lost as you search. Having designated spaces allows you to keep everything in their own compartments so you don’t have to search or keep re-organizing.

Purge Your Desk/Office

This might be hard to do but it will be well worth it. Go through each item in your desk and honestly assess if you really need it. This includes pens and pencils that you never use and just take up space! If you have important paperwork that you should keep for your records but don’t want the physical papers, then scan your documents and save them digitally. You can also go digital for other things, like your calendar and notes (we use Evernote which makes it easy to share notes with your team).

Wipe Down Your Desk Daily

Take a couple of minutes at the end of each day to wipe down your desk before you go. This way, you can put away anything you’ve left on top of your desk and put it in it’s designated place. Then, you can start every day with a clean workspace.


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