Q4 Tips

Q4 Tips – Ensure Your Deals are Optimal in FMTC!

FMTC works with top-performing publishers and works round the clock to collect thousands of offers for their sites. Many publishers rely on our datafeed to get the most up to date deals and know that they are working properly. Using our automated datafeed saves them tons of time and hassle from having to aggregate and […]

Recap of FMTC Data Processed in August

  We’ve compiled a few highlights from our data processing team in August. Below you’ll see a visual comparison of deals processed and new merchants added in August of 2019 compared to 2018. Our data processing team has worked hard to increase output of data processed in order to increase our value to subscribers.   […]

Conference Call Bingo

Conference calls are a fact of life in the business world, especially when you work remotely. They offer a way for people across different timezones and even different continents to connect. Here at FMTC, we are on conference calls at least once a day in order to discuss what we’re working on and bring up […]