Affiliate News Roundup 10/4/13

Hummingbird News

Panda. Penguin. Now Hummingbird? I think Google should’ve went with the Shirokuma Cafe theme and named the next update Polar Bear. Yes, Google is making another big change and SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan breaks down the details in an easy-to-follow Q and A.  Search Engine Journal goes on to tell us how content will be affected by Hummingbird.

So, we now know content needs be rich, it needs to satisfy intent, and authorship matters.  Revenews posted 5 ways to help get your ideas flowing for content on your affiliate site.

Will affiliates want to use affiliate links in their content when prices are inflated through affiliate links?  Eric Nagel discovered that Bluehost raises prices when visitors use an affiliate link. They do disclose the relationship, but does that satisfy intent?

Younger consumers have disposable income burning a hole in their designer jean pockets… and they’re (surprise!) hanging out online. Reaching younger consumers is easier online than through other types of media as Nielsen’s recent study confirmed.

TechCrunch reveals that digital ads will be 22% and and mobile ads 3.7% of all U.S. ad spend in 2013 with a total global ad spend in 2013 to be $503 billion.  And they said this “internet thing” would never take off…

Finally, let’s end this week’s news with some food-for-thought from Ev Williams, founder of Twitter (Source: Wired):

Find something that’s tried and true — and to do it better.

Image Source: Flickr.

By Kim Rowley

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