Why Program Managers Want to Work With FMTC

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affiliate program managers want to work with fmtc

Why Program Managers Want to Work With FMTC

Are you a Program Manager? We know you work hard to ensure that customers have a positive experience by accessing valid and updated deals. In order to have these deals, they need to be collected from networks, tested to make sure codes and links work, and edited for general errors. Let FMTC take care of that for you!

By allowing us to join your affiliate program, we can tap into APIs to gather as many coupons and deals as possible, and check each deal for validity and quality. This ensures a constant supply of deals available for affiliates as monetized links with their affiliate ID and/or Skimlinks URL. Partnering with FMTC will allow you to have your program’s content added to our database and made available to our clients.

We will provide you with a dashboard account that enables you to view the content and information we have collected about your program. In the very near future, you will be able to add content and promotions as well.

Here are some testimonials that support the usefulness of our service:

OPM-Pros-Logo“The principles of affiliate marketing are largely focused on serving consumers with the most up-to-date coupons available to ensure positive and cost-efficient shopping experiences. Given this huge responsibility from each of our clients, OPM Pros largely relies on FMTC to assist us in the successful dissemination of this information. They are not only our lifeline for providing current, time-sensitive information on thousands of coupons applicable to our merchants, but they are widely distributed through FMTC’s outstanding database that ensures accuracy and professionalism. The publishers also rely on FMTC services to consolidate the massive job of logging into each network, reviewing the large scope of coupons/promotions and downloading in a fast and easy solution. FMTC is also very responsive to inquiries from both advertisers and publishers, making them an invaluable tool for both ends of the affiliate management process. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership.” – Paresh Vadavia with OPM Pros, Co-Founder & Director of Affiliate Marketing   


“Half of our time as an OPM team is spent policing landing pages on coupon sites, because they post old or fake deals that cause bad customer experiences. We never have to worry about publishers that work with FMTC, and I wish I could force others to use the service.” – Greg Hoffman with Greg Hoffman Consulting


“ is a tremendous resource for an affiliate management agency like ours, because our retail clients trust us to ensure that coupons and promotions are effectively managed. We know that we can rely on FMTC to remove expired offers and continue to show the most current promotions. The FMTC team is pro-active and diligent in working with our affiliate managers to ensure that the best coupon data is being collected from our retail clients and shared with publishers. We also have the peace of mind in knowing that whenever we need to remove an offer from an affiliate’s feed, FMTC responds quickly and takes the necessary action.” – Stephanie Harris, COO of Schaaf-Partnercentric

View more testimonials here.

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