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Attention Program Managers! If you are looking to attract more bloggers into your affiliate program – we have got a great opportunity for you.

FMTC will be exhibiting at BlogHer ’14 at the end of July. For two and a half days, we will be introducing FMTC and affiliate marketing to the thousands of bloggers in attendance. And – we want to take you with us… well, sort of!

You see, the organizers of the show have told us that many of their attendees are eco-conscious. They don’t like to see giant crates full of plastic chachkis or stacks of paper. They also don’t like the idea of having to pack an extra bag to lug home meaningless “stuff”. They’d rather connect with companies and only receive products they actually want to review.

So, we’ll be using an eco-friendly approach to our conference swag. And that’s where you fit in!

As we speak with bloggers, we’ll invite them to signup for a free FMTC account. Once they login, they’ll find a special page that lists giveaways for gift cards and free products to review from merchants, like you.

The bloggers can pick and choose which companies, products and services they are most interested in learning more about. As they check off the giveaways they are interested in, we’ll be building you a list of potential affiliates. (Yep – you’ll get that list!)

Here are just some ideas of what you could offer to be included:

  • Free product to 100 bloggers
  • 20 – $25 gift certificates to your online store
  • 1 month of free access to your service for anyone who’d like to try it
  • Visa gift cards
  • iPad or iPad Mini

Just about anything you dream up will work – we simply ask that your total contribution is at least $500 (ie, 20 – $25 gift cards is a $500 contribution). If you are an OPM that manages multiple programs, feel free to mix and match prizes from different merchants.

Oh – and there’s no fee to participate. We want to work with you to attract these bloggers to affiliate marketing and get them engaged and motivated right away.

Interested? We’ll need the details about your contribution by July 11th. The show runs from the 24th – 26th. Winners will be chosen/announced on August 4th and your prizes need to be delivered by August 30th (you will be responsible for fulfillment of prizes).

Ready to join forces? Click here for all of the information that we need from you to get started!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

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