Verifying Affiliate Deals to Provide Clean Data

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verify affiliate deals
With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming next week, you can bet we are processing thousands of deals every day!

During the busiest time of year, our data entry team is doing a lot of heavy lifting. The make sure all your offers are accurate and available to publishers in our convenient datafeeds. We take pride in our data and ensure all the information we’re providing to publishers is clean and verified.

Verification Process

To ensure all our data is accurate, each data engineer does the following:

  1. Tests the link to make sure it lands on the right page

  2. If there is a coupon code required, the code is tested to make sure they’re working properly

  3. The label is cleaned to make the offer clear and concise

    *Note – we now have a more informal label cleaning process to keep the wording close to what the network provides. For example, if we receive an offer listed as “Get a Free Advanced Night Repair with your Estee Lauder order of $50+ order! Valid 11/6 to 11/16.” we may change it to “Free Advanced Night Repair with your Estee Lauder order of $50+.” We just remove unnecessary wording or information that is already provided in our datafeed, like the dates.

  4. Adds terms and conditions (if provided)

  5. Adds deal types, which are the kinds of offer the deal falls under. Examples of these are sale, free shipping, coupon, gift with purchase, etc.

  6. Adds product category types such as household, health and beauty, clothing, consumer electronics, etc.

If there is an issue with the landing page or coupon code, the offer is put in our Hold Queue and we email the contact on file. This delays the verification process and can keep your offers from being available to publishers, so please double check your offers before submitting them at the network.

FMTC’s Data Superstars

This entire process is completed for each offer within a couple of minutes by our dedicated data engineer team. Here are the lovely ladies that take care of this important verification process:


If you have any questions about our verification process, feel free to email [email protected] at any time!

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