Updating Your Deals in FMTC

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FMTC: Updating Deals


Top-quality, accurate data is what we strive to provide in our feed. We want to ensure that your deals are as up to date as possible with all the correct information. In case you didn’t know, we have a Change Queue that allows our data engineer team to process any changes from the network. If there is anything that needs an update, our system detects the change and sends it to our Change Queue. Changes can include:


  • Beginning/Expiration Dates
  • Coupon Codes
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Links (affiliate links & landing pages)
  • Product Prices
  • Labels/ Ad Copies
  • Ad Descriptions


It shouldn’t take long for changes to reflect in our system, as we pull data from the API every 30 minutes or so. Updates are made as we receive them. Another thing to note; whenever the same link ID is used, the deal will come through the Change Queue, as opposed to being identified as a new deal and having it go to our other queues. If it is an entirely new deal, for a different product or landing page, please use a new link ID. Using a new ID ensures the deal will be processed more quickly.


If you recycle a link for a deal that expired, our system actually doesn’t pull in the new information. Once a deal expires, it’s removed from our feed so it’s best to use new links. Or, be sure to send a ticket to [email protected] and we can make sure the link gets re-added to our feed.


A little bit of advice…


To avoid having to update deals and needing them to be handled twice, please include all the correct information initially at the network. If there is something that needs to be altered, please update the information as soon as possible so that the changes can be applied. If you have any questions about updating deals, feel free to let us know!

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