Merchant Sync Relationship Management



FMTC Merchant Sync ScreenshotMerchant Sync is an FMTC Exclusive feature. It is designed to help you manage thousands of relationships across 20+ affiliate networks all in one place.

With Merchant Sync Relationship Management, you’ll easily see which merchants you’re approved to work with on which networks.



How Does Merchant Sync Work?


Merchant Sync uses “API” access to login to your accounts at the various affiliate networks. Sync simply “asks” each network:

Which programs is this affiliate approved for?

That information is then displayed for you throughout theFMTC interface. You’ll find it on individual programs in the Merchant Hub with status indicators:


  • Green = you are approved for this program
  • Red = you’re not approved for this program


Relationship Management = Earning Optimization


Not only will this save you time in tracking down whether or not you’re approved for a program – and on which network you’re approved, Merchant Sync Relationship Management also fuels our FMTC Auto Links. These smart little links route clicks through the link that offers you the best opportunity to earn a commission.




So, if you have a relationship with a merchant on one network, it will route clicks through that network. If the merchant changes networks, you lose a relationship, or change over to another network, you don’t have to change links. The Auto Link will re-route clicks to the new network.