The Formula for Adding the Perfect Deal to FMTC

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the formula for adding the perfect deal to FMTC Data Feed Structure

The Formula for Adding the Perfect Deal to FMTC

Now that you know the basics of FMTC from my last post, you might ask how you can optimize your deals for our feed. Allow me to provide you with a general “formula” that will supply the best information to get your deals added quickly and accurately.

Fields We Need

We need to know what is on sale, the discount (% or $ off), the start and expiration dates, and the code if applicable. For example, if you were having a sale on aprons, you could provide us with a description that states, “15% off Aprons, 3 days only, expires April 24, code APRON4”.  So in the future when adding deals at your network, remember this formula for your data feed structure:

Item(s) on Sale + Discount + Dates + Code = Perfect Deal.

By sticking to this simple formula, you can be sure that we have all of the correct information and can process your deals promptly.

More Content for a Better Customer Experience

In addition to the equation, it helps to include the terms in the deal description when necessary. This will ensure that clients using the code will have the restrictions readily available. The data entry team can add terms if they see them on the landing page, but having them included in the description at the network will save time and eliminate the possibility of leaving out the terms completely, which can lead to frustration for the user. No one enjoys having their cart full and ready to make a purchase with their coupon, only to discover that code isn’t applicable to those products.

The next time you are adding deals, don’t forget to use the Perfect Deal Formula and include terms if they are needed. By doing so, you can be confident that we have all the information required to make your deals shine!

Enjoy your week!

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