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targeted publisher outreach

Targeted Publisher Outreach

Want to reach new publishers and gain more top-earning affiliates? Good news! We now offer a Publisher Outreach Placement; an email sent to select publishers that use our service. This outreach placement is a targeted email sent to publishers that are the best fit for your brand and who have not joined your affiliate program yet. You can send us what you’d like included in the message such as:

  • Info on your brand and the products you offer
  • Affiliate benefits
    • Commission rate
    • Cookie length
    • Placements and partnership opportunities
    • Conversion rate
    • AOV
  • Networks you’re listed on
  • Images
  • And anything else you’d like to include!

Our team of writers will be happy to help create the best email to catch the attention of publishers. We will also include join links and contact information in the email to help facilitate communication and the application process.

Want to track how many signups you’re getting through the email? You can send us a tracked join link for your program, so you know who’s being referred by FMTC. We can also use your 2-tier program if you have one.


Send out an email for $295 and recruit more affiliates today! We accept credit card, network bonus, and Paypal payments.

***Premium merchant subscribers – you get 20% off this placement. The placement fee is in addition to the free newsletter placement included with your subscription – that one goes out to our entire mailing list.

Not a premium merchant? Subscribe now and get these great benefits.

Contact us at [email protected] to request a placement and we’ll help you get started!

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