Spotlight Blog Posts for Merchants and OPMs

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FMTC spotlight blog posts promote affiliate programs

A Benefit to Promote Affiliate Programs for Merchants and OPMs

Do you want to put your affiliate programs or agency in the limelight?

Good news!

We have a spotlight blog post feature available to our premium merchants and OPMs that highlights the great things about your affiliate program. We have written posts for Verizon, MyProtein, Snow Consulting, 100% Pure, and many more!

View all our spotlight posts here.

Your involvement in putting the spotlight post together is quite simple – you just fill out a merchant questionnaire, and we’ll do the rest! You can provide a logo or image, or we’ll create one for you. Premium merchant and OPM accounts gain the benefit of a spotlight post after three months or at the soonest availability if prepaid for the quarter.

Hint: If you’d like your Spotlight published during the bustle of Q4, sign up today!

Premium subscribers also have access to many other tools & features that provide you with extra exposure to the public and FMTC’s clients, top-performing affiliate publishers.

It’s a cinch to subscribe,

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the Account/Subscribe tab
  3. Select the premium subscription option
  4. Submit your info

After that, we’ll send you a tutorial and details on all the features you can use.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to get started!

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