What is Publisher Toolkit?

The Publisher Toolkit is packed full of powerful tools to make your life a lot easier. For the low price of $49 a month, you’ll be able to access our deal bank of monetized offers from over 14,000 merchants. Easily integrate these links into your content to monetize your blog or affiliate site.

Publisher Toolkit Features

More Details About the Toolkit


The Publisher Toolkit has all of the details on the 14,000+ programs in our Directory, plus a set of tools that will save you time in building your affiliate promotions.

It’s designed to save affiliates, content publishers and bloggers hours of digging around in networks and emails to get the information and links you need.

Automated Relationship Tracking


When you subscribe to the Publisher Toolkit, you’ll have access to our “Merchant Sync” system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your IDs for each affiliate network you’ve joined
  2. Then enter your API keys (don’t worry – we’ll show you where to find these!) for each network
  3. Our system checks with the networks and asks them, “Which programs does this affiliate belong to?”
  4. Then, we display that information for you on the Merchant Hub, to help you keep up with all of the programs you belong to:



The status is a simple color that tells you whether or not you have a relationship with the merchant. Green = yes, red = no and there’s even a yellow for programs we aren’t able to verify for you. The example above is for a merchant with a program on ShareASale and AvantLink. This affiliate is approved for the ShareASale program, and not for the AvantLink program.


YOUR Links Plus Logos and Screenshots for Each Merchant


Using your Affiliate IDs, we’ll customize the links for each of your programs with YOUR own IDs. So, on each merchant page, you’ll get links you can easily copy and paste your affiliate link.



Plus, pick up images to use in your promotions including two standard sized logos and two standard sized screenshots.


Deep Link Builder


Build Deep Links for your merchants to send visitors directly to a sale, product or a topic you’d like them to check out. Simply enter the URL for the page on the merchant’s site, and we’ll supply you with your affiliate links for that page:




Deal Bank Access


Of course, with the Publisher Toolkit you’ll have access to our database of hundreds of thousands of deals. Our simple search tools will help you find the perfect deal to share with your readers:




Once you find the right deal, simply copy and paste the details to share it:




Again, using your affiliate ID, our system will give you your own affiliate link for the deal. Use the icons to copy the link to your clipboard, share it on Facebook or on Twitter.


Ability to “Star” Merchants & Receive Deal Alerts


Last, but not least, you’ll have the ability to “star” your favorite merchants. This will bump their deals to the top of the Deal Bank so you see them without having to search.

Plus, we’ll send you a Deal Alert email when your starred merchants have new deals – so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to share a high-converting link!




Bonus Set up your virtual assistants and give them one place to find all deals and links across all your merchants at the networks!


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Our Publisher Toolkit is just $49/month with no long-term commitment. You can cancel any time (though we don’t think you’ll want to!)


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