Adding Coupons in CJ + Tips – Guest post by Snow Consulting

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adding coupons in cj

Coupons in CJ

BY THE SNOW TEAMcoupons in cj

Ensuring that coupons and text links are added to the affiliate networks is essential to running a successful affiliate program. Adding coupons in CJ is simple, but if not done properly, may not show up correctly on the publisher side.


Manage Links in CJcoupons in cj

Start by logging into your merchant account. Click once on Links and that will release a drop down box with three options (Manage, Products and Groups). Click on Manage.

To begin a new link, click on the plus sign. Then choose Text Link (you will indicate that it is a coupon link on the form. For now, select Text Link) from the drop down box. That will then bring a form with many options:

coupons in cj Name: This is a short but unique and descriptive name for the link to assist publishers and you in finding your link.

Link Description: Information about a link which is visible to publishers and can be searched when looking for links.

*Search Keywords: This is a vital field to get your link in front of publishers. Per CJ: Important: As a general rule, you may not use a trademark of another company (e.g., the company’s name) without that company’s permission. CJ prohibits the use of any company name, other than your own, as a keyword. Any advertisers violating this policy risk deactivation from the CJ network.

Destination URL: The landing page you are directing consumers. You can use a specific landing page for your sale, i.e. your sale is on “Clearance” items only, use the landing page for your Clearance category. This allows you to direct traffic exactly where they will find items that relate to the coupon you are setting up.

Archive URL: An alternate URL that you want to be used once this link is archived by you or automatically. Some coupons are very specific, and you may have set up a Destination URL in the last field that directs publishers to a specific page that may no longer be available after the promotion ends. This is where you direct the link once the promotion has been archived.

Link Parameters: Enables you to define standard name/value pairs that will be passed back to you on a specific link.

Allow Deep Linking: This enables publishers to use the text link to modify the destination URL to another appropriate page on your site.

*Mobile Optimized: Enables you to designate a link as Mobile Optimized, which makes the link searchable to publishers who are interested in hosting mobile links on their website.

JavaScript Only: Enables you to designate a link as JavaScript-only, which makes the link unavailable to publishers in HTML format. By designating a link as JavaScript-only, you may reduce the number of publishers using this link.

*Language: This is the primary language of the Destination URL.

Group: Used to limit the link to specific groups you have set up within your merchant account.

*Events: Holidays and Events that you can select as relevant to your text link.

coupons in cjLink Scheduling: This is where you can set your link’s activation and archive dates. If left as unscheduled, there will be no archive date and the link will remain active.

Selecting Promotional will allow you to choose the type of promotion you are adding. If you select Coupons, then you will also open a field for the coupon code. It is imperative to the success of the link to make sure the coupon code is correctly entered into that coupon code field.

coupons in cj


The next three fields deal with date and time. Note the time zone is in whatever time zone your computer is set. Therefore, if you would like to have your link available/start/end at a particular time EST, and you are in PST, you will need to adjust the time accordingly.

Available: This is the date you want the link to be available to publishers.

Start: This is the start time of your promotion.

End: This is the end time of your promotion. This is also the time when CJ will automatically archive your link. That makes it that much more important to have set a valid Archive URL earlier. Tip: To make searches and link audits easier, you may wish to include this end date in your link Name.

*Targeted Countries: Enables you to specify what countries the link is primarily targeting so publishers can find links specific to their site visitors.

Fields marked with an * are main search fields. It is important to use these fields and keep them relevant to target publishers.

To finish up the link, press the save button at the bottom of the box and you are done. Your link should now be visible to publishers, within the link start date and end date.

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