Requesting a Merchant Not Currently In FMTC

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request a new merchant in fmtc

How to Request a New Merchant in FMTC

Did you know that FMTC features nearly 200,000 deals from over 10,000 merchants? While these are fairly significant numbers, you might find that we don’t cover a merchant’s program that you are currently joined to at one of the networks we support.

We provide you with a couple of options to easily request that we add these merchants.

TIP: To increase the success of your request, contact the merchant’s affiliate management team to ask them to expedite FMTC’s approval into the program.”

submit issue screenshot1. You can request a merchant through the support section in your FMTC dashboard. Navigate to “Submit an Issue” under the Support tab and select “Request a Merchant” from the Department pulldown. Include the Merchant’s Name, Network and associated Network ID and submit. You can use the “Comments” field to add the details for multiple merchants. Please include the network name and network ID for the additional merchants you’ve added.

merchant sync screenshot2. We suggest Merchant Sync to automate your relationship management and keep track of the programs you’re approved to promote. As a result of using Merchant Sync, you’ll also have access to some reporting tools. The reporting tools are accessible from Merchant Sync under the Relationships menu in your FMTC dashboard.

How to Use Merchant Sync to Request Merchant

merchant sync unsupported screenshotFirst, choose a network from the tab options across the top of the page, e.g., CJ, LS, SAS, PG. Once you’ve selected a Merchant Sync enabled network you will see a clickable report “View your unsupported merchants”.

This list includes merchants that you have joined via the network but we do not have in our system.

unsupported merchant request button
If you see a  merchant on this list whose offers you would like to receive in your feed, click “Request” to access a prefilled merchant request form and submit this to our team. We’ll then do our best to get into this program.

Finally, if we’re successful in joining the program, the next time Merchant Sync runs it will pick up this merchant and add them to your feed.

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