Using A Programmer for FMTC Feeds

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Integrating FMTC Datafeeds with a Programmer


Once you’ve decided to subscribe to a FMTC datafeed, the next step is integrating it into your website This is NOT plug & play! Adding FMTC data to your website isn’t like adding Google Analytics. What we give you is a datafeed, and what you do with that is up to you.

Here’s an example:


[0] => stdClass Object
[nCouponID] => 3746740
[cMerchant] =>
[nMerchantID] => 1208
[nMasterMerchantID] => 1208
[cNetwork] => CJ
[cStatus] => active
[cLabel] => Free Shipping on $45+ order.
[cImage] =>
[cRestrictions] =>
[cCode] =>
[dtStartDate] => 2012-11-17T00:00:00-08:00
[dtEndDate] => 2050-12-31T23:59:59+00:00
[cLastUpdated] => 2012-11-17T16:12:20-08:00
[cCreated] => 2012-11-17T16:12:20-08:00
[cAffiliateURL] =>
[cDirectURL] =>
[cSkimlinksURL] =>
[aCategories] => Array
[0] => food-cooking
[1] => office-supplies

[aTypes] => Array
[0] => freeshipping

[fSalePrice] => 0.00
[fWasPrice] => 0.00
[fDiscount] => 0.00
[nPercent] => 0
[fThreshold] => 45.00
[fRating] => 20.091
[aBrands] => Array

[aLocal] => Array


It’s not exactly something you can just add to your website. So you need to find a programmer!


What should you look for in a programmer?


API experience


FMTC is a service that provides data via an API, so you’ll want to find a programmer that’s used APIs before. They don’t necessarily need experience with our API, but any RESTful API is fine.

Here at FMTC, we all use PHP, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Our clients can use any language they choose: Perl, .net, Java, and even PHP.


Database Experience


Your programmer needs database experience, too. While some APIs provide live data, we require that you download our data and store it yourself. What this means is when a visitor comes to your website, the deals they’re shown come from your database, not directly from our API.

Why? First, it’s better for your user. Coupons and deals aren’t super time-sensitive. Connecting to your database is much faster, so your pages render quickly.

Second, you’re in control. Don’t like how we named a merchant? You can change it. Don’t like the format of our expiration dates? You can change that. Want to track and redirect your links? Go right ahead.


Where can you find a programmer to do all of this?


Upwork is a popular place to find programmers (I wrote a helpful post on hiring programmers via Upwork, Read the Directions), or you can find someone locally. Check for local groups that meet to talk about a language, and interview from that group.

Remember you get what you pay for, so someone at $11 / hr may seem like a good deal, but not if they take 10x longer than someone who charges just $60 / hr.

Finally – you need a programmer to integrate the FMTC feed, not a designer. Use a designer to make the site look good, but use a programmer to make the site work with the FMTC feed.

* Note – if you want plug & play, take a look at our Blogger Tools

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