Press Release: Affiliate Content Datafeed Provider Rebrands to Better Reflect Offering

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For Me To Coupon is now FMTC

For Me To Coupon is now officially, “FMTC”.

FMTC (formerly known as For Me To Coupon), an affiliate marketing datafeed and content tool provider announced that it is now officially doing business as “FMTC”.

“As fun as the play on words was, and as applicable as the name was to the service seven years ago, it just no longer fits who we are and what we do,” said CEO, Rachel Honoway. “So many people in the affiliate marketing industry refer to us with the acronym, so we thought it was a good option to allow us to retain our brand equity, yet rid ourselves of the outdated pun and frankly, get the word ‘coupon’ out of the mix.”

The company originally started to aggregate and check the quality of coupons for affiliate sites. But, over the years, the service has gone on to include all deal types, like free shipping offers, buy-one-get-one sales, deals of the day, local deals and so on. The content has expanded outside of deals with logos, text links, screenshots and (soon to be released) banners, images and text links. Coupons now account for roughly 10% of the company’s content inventory.

FMTC makes the content available to their clients (known as affiliates or publishers) through datafeeds and tools. FMTC accesses the content as an affiliate, in doing so, the company ensures that it is aggregating and feeding content that the merchant has specifically designated for affiliates. As the content is processed, reviewed and approved, FMTC’s affiliate ID is removed, and their clients’ affiliate IDs are inserted. So, FMTC remains “behind the scenes” as the affiliates publish the content and refer buying customers to the merchants.

“Even though we work with over 8,000 programs, we still come across affiliate program managers that assume we’re just some site that lists coupon codes when they see our company name,” said Karen Hoxmeier, COO. “The new name gives us a chance to get program managers to take a closer look and see that we’re a service that many of their affiliates are using to aggregate, categorize and publish high quality content.”

The company and more information about their service can be found at their new domain name:

About FMTC

Since 2007, FMTC has been providing affiliates a convenient solution for managing offers, deals, links and other content from thousands of merchant programs across affiliate networks. The FMTC feed includes over 130,000 pieces of content from over 8,000 merchant programs in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

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