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affiliate program manager premium dashboard video tutorial
Last week, I introduced the basic dashboard tutorial, and this week I’m excited to launch our premium dashboard video tutorial! Since there are a lot more features in the premium account, it is just under 10 minutes long, but I have provided times at the beginning so you can easily jump around if there are specific features you’re curious about.

featuredIn this tutorial I cover:

  • Featured Merchant Placements (examples on the right)
  • Managing Programs – Premium listing
  • Pushed Deals – Directly adding deals
  • Merchant Hub – Viewing your program’s profile
  • OPM Directory – Premium listing for OPMs
  • Browsing Deals – View the content we have in our feed
  • Deal Alerts – Extra exposure for your deals in social media, in the dashboard, and in our newsletter.
  • Datafeed Cleanup Tool – Clean your product feeds
  • Pods – Monetized blocks of content (info and uses)
  • Additional Features not shown the the dashboard (Spotlight placement and expedited deal processing)

View the video here:


LarissaI hope you enjoy the new tutorial videos! View them anytime on our YouTube channel. You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions!





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