PMA Post Highlight – The Cost of Blacklisting Coupon and Deal Sites

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FMTC Blog blacklisting coupon deal sites

If you work with FMTC, you know the benefits of working with coupon and deal sites. You may still have doubts or questions, though, since there have been some issues with these types of affiliates in the past. The good news is, positive change is occurring where publishers are striving to comply and have mutually-beneficial relationships with merchants.

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Craig McGlynn, the VP of Advertiser Development for VigLink, recently wrote a blog post for the PMA addressing blacklisting of coupon and deal affiliates. McGlynn highlights four key areas for merchants to consider when deciding whether or not to work with them.

1. If merchants blacklist all deal and coupon sites, their revenue will decline.

You can say goodbye to the low funnel and expect lost revenue that cannot be replaced by another channel. There is also risk in allowing your competitors to take the lead while you lose exposure.

2. Deal and coupon sites are cleaning up their behavior.

Top deal and coupon sites are making a point to focus on recruiting brands and updating coupons in a timely manner. They are also abandoning TM bidding so that they don’t lose revenue on merchants who don’t allow it.

3. Metrics show that deal and coupon sites offer key benefits to merchants that are difficult (if not impossible) to replicate with any other type of site.

Viglink’s research shows that “the deal and coupon channel delivers 1 in 10 new to file customers across all transactions”. Also, over 50% of affluent shoppers use online coupons at least once a month. Add to that the increase in sharing coupons via social media, and you’ll get a good idea on how beneficial coupons and deals can be.

4. There are concrete opportunities and steps that can be taken to achieve success when it comes to deal and coupon sites.

Craig also lists some best practices to help with next steps for success. Among these are:
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  • Keep up communication – You should start conversations with these affiliates and keep them going. Make sure they are aware of all your terms of service and are kept up to date.
  • Blacklist at an individual level, not a category level – If you are having trouble with certain coupon/deal affiliates, remove them individually. Don’t lose sales and brand awareness from blacklisting the affiliates who are doing a good job and complying.
  • Monitor the metrics by affiliate and curate based on results – Every coupon and deal site is different and should be treated as such. Make a point to review key metrics and take action based on the results you find.


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