New Program Alerts – Keep Publishers in the Loop!

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Good news for premium users!

We have added program alerts to the deal alerts feature to help you keep publishers in the loop. Alerts can be for any changes to your program, like commission increases, opportunities, network migrations, or anything else. We will post these alerts on our dashboard for affiliates to see and you have the option of posting it on our social media channels as well. If you also want us to send it out in our newsletter, just let us know and we’ll ba happy to take care of that for you.


  1. Log into your account and go to Deal/Program Alerts under the Links & Tools tab.
  2. Select which merchant you’d like the alert to go under.
  3. Write the copy of the program alert you’d like to display under “Deal To Promote or Program Update”.

    Example: will be migrating to ShareASale on Jan. 30th. Join today!

  4. Enter the date and time you’d like the alert posted (please note that it is on PST).
  5. If you’d like the alert posted on our social media channels, please tick the box next to “Share via Social Media”.
  6. You can add optional image URLs for a 100×100 on the dashboard and a 500×500 (or larger) for social media.
  7. Click “Create Alert” and you’re done!

If you only have a basic account and would like to upgrade, let us know! You can view all the other tools and features that come in the premium account here.

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