New PMA Whitepaper – The Benefits of Using Coupons

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benefits of using coupons whitepaper pma

As an advertiser, you may wonder whether or not it’s beneficial to work with coupon and deal affiliates. Should you offer coupons for your affiliate program and if so, what is the best strategy? There has been much debate around this topic in the past so the Performance Marketing Association’s Coupons and Deals Council recently released a whitepaper that addresses this challenging topic. It provides helpful tips and information, including:

  • Benefits of Working with Deal & Coupon Affiliates
  • Coupon Best Practices for Advertisers
  • How to Optimize with Coupon Affiliates
  • Coupon Code Creation and Formatting Suggestions
  • Coupon Code Standards

If you’d like¬†to access all the information, you can download the paper for free here.

Larissa Feuerstein opm merchant relationsIf you’re interested in leveraging your company’s coupon strategy, send me a quick email and I’ll show you how FMTC’s free and premium accounts for merchants and OPMs work.

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