New Account Feature – Program Restrictions

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new fmtc account feature for program managers

New Account Feature – Program Restrictions

Some of you may have already noticed, but we have a new terms and restrictions feature in our dashboard! You can now add your program’s terms and restrictions information. These will be viewable by affiliates on your merchant info page under Program Information. Restrictions can be added for your program under each network, and you will also be able to add them for multiple programs if you manage more than one.

The information you can list with a free account is:

  • Program Contact Information
  • Public Commission Rate
  • Display Restrictions
  • PPC Restrictions
  • Email Restrictions
  • Social Media Restrictions
  • Affiliate Nexus Restrictions

If you have a premium account, you will also be able to add:

  • Custom Program Description
  • Custom Welcome Message
  • Private Commission Rates
  • Placement Bonuses
  • Vanity Coupon Opportunities
  • Pushed Deals – Add deals directly into FMTC or add exclusive deals for your top performing FMTC subscribers.

To add terms and restrictions, log into your account and go to the Manage Programs tab. Then click on the details ‚ą® to expand the restrictions tabs and enter the information. It will be very convenient to have this information listed so that affiliates can view it right in the dashboard, rather than having to log into each affiliate network for every program. Please take a few minutes to login to your account and add these terms and restrictions or send me the information at [email protected] and I can enter them for you. We will also be adding even more features in the near future, so be looking for more posts about those soon. Thanks and have a great week!

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